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         Cadaverous scream legend/all-around punster the Crypt Keeper hosts these forays of fright and fun based on classic E.C. Comics tales from back in the day. So belly up to the bar and name your poison. Is it a deranged Santa on a personal slay ride? A man surgically implanted with as many lives (and deaths) as a cat? Honeymooners who each want the other to fulfill the 'til-death vow pronto? These and more terror-rific tales await. Ghoul love 'em!

"It's all a big food chain,
we eat shit and shit eats us.
               - Niles Talbot

          A Classic Creep Show
          Take a little bit of tragic violence, add a dash of gore, throw in a splash of comic book absurdity. Toss in a pun or two. Stir well with some Danny Elfman music and you’ve got one of the greatest television series to ever air.

          I gotta admit, when J.P. Butcher asked me to review the first season of HBO’s classic “Tales From the Crypt” series, I knew my review would be biased. Maybe it’s because on Halloweens growing up, I would tape the marathon of Tales being played on HBO and consequently watch the episodes with my brother for the next ten years of my life. Maybe it’s because my brother and I continue to quote these episodes today. And maybe it’s because there’s only one thing in the world I love more than horror—and that’s cheesy fucking comedy. Just our luck—Tales has both.

          Find in-depth reviews and media
          on each episode below:

          Ep. #1 - The Man Who Was Death
          Ep. #2 - And All Through the House
          Ep. #3 - Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone
          Ep. #4 - Only Sin Deep
          Ep. #5 - Lover Come Hack to Me
          Ep. #6 - Collection Completed

          Other features
          It should be mentioned that the DVD has a nice little Crypt Keeper intro as well. I have a sneaking suspicion that the producers couldn’t afford to get the doll again or there was some entanglement with the rights to use his face because he’s all bandaged up for the introduction. But the classic John Kassir voice is there (thank God) and you get your fill of absolutely retarded puns (thank God). Enjoy kiddies!

          Disc 2
          If you’re at all interested in where these sadistic stories come from, I strongly suggest you check out the special features on Disc 2. Though it may be a little dusty and slow, the “From Comic Books to Television” segment provides an in-depth glimpse into the fucked up (but brave) minds of the EC comic authors who helped bring modern day horror into the mainstream with comics such as the Haunt of Fear, Shock SuspenStories, the Vault of Horror, etc. Plus, it features comments from the gods of horror like Romero and John Carpenter. After watching this documentary, you’ll begin to see why the Tales From the Crypt episodes are so effective at realizing and commenting on their own “comical” absurdity…and awesomeness.
                                        - The Tim Reaper




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