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         Episode #2 - And All Through the House
Screenplay by: Fred Dekker
         Directed by: Robert Zemeckis
         Original Airdate: 6/10/89

         The holiday chopping season runs late when an axe-toting maniac dressed as Santa makes a Christmas Eve visit to a philandering wife who murdered her hubby. Sorry, lady. He's not offering an escape clause!

"Police in the Gains County area have issued an all-points bulletin this evening for a male Caucasian reported to have brutally murdered four women in the area."
               - News Reporter

         Halloween is boring; let’s fuck with the holiest of holidays—Christmas! The episode (the first I ever saw I think) begins with the most comforting Christmas Eve setting you can imagine…there’s snow, candles, treats, a piano. And in very little time, a murder. Mary Ellen Trainor (Monster Squad) stars as the greedy wife who, after planting a poker into her husband’s head, finds herself running from the Grinch-like mental patient (Larry Drake [Dr. Giggles]) who dons a Santa Claus outfit, befriends her little girl, and hopes to add their names to his naughty list. Not a bad episode, but it’s a little too cat and mouse for my taste. There’s no real story or background here. It’s good for a jump, maybe, but not much of a shock.
                                        - The Tim Reaper




Lindsey Whitney Barry
Marshall Bell
John E. Coates
Larry Drake
John Kassir



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