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         Episode #5 - Lover Come Hack to Me
Screenplay by: Michael McDowell
         Directed by: Tom Holland
         Original Airdate: 6/21/89

         Her stocks, bonds, house: Charles loves everything about Peggy and wants to make sure their honeymoon is a night of (murderous) passions. But their's a family secret Peggy never told him...

"You'll regret this day! You don't love her! All you love is the fortune and that big house her mother left her."
               - Aunt Edith

         You know when a horror episode starts with a guy who looks like Fabio, there’s going to be trouble. Not only that, but the demonic Amanda Plummer is the other main character, and she always seems on the verge of some sort of maniacal attack.

          Peggy has just married “Fabio”—ok, his name is Charles—and we are led to believe right away that he’s nothing more than a gold-digger. When Peggy and Charles get caught in a rainstorm and head into a huge, dark house for their honeymoon, it isn’t long before some strange shit starts going down. And there’s sex. Lots of sex. Lots of creepy sex.

          This episode is strange. It’s forgettable—I couldn’t remember what happened while watching it again—but it unfolds very nicely and offers some strange twists and turns. And the whole thing just has dreamy, uncomfortable vibe—I kept waiting for Plummer to yell out her “any of you fucking pricks move, I’ll assassinate every single last one of you motherfuckers” line from Pulp Fiction. Instead, and much to my pleasure, she wields a battle axe instead. Yes, I said a battle axe.
                                        - The Tim Reaper




Richard Eden
Lisa Figus
Amanda Plummer
Stephen Shellen
John Kassir



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