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         Episode #4 - Only Sin Deep
Screenplay by: Fred Dekker
         Directed by: Howard Deutch
         Original Airdate: 6/14/89

         A call girl plans to land a rich playboy and pawns her beauty in order to dress to impress. What? She misunderstands the pawnshop's refund offer? Too late to read between the lines (and wrinkles), girly!

"If I had a dollar for every time you stood in the mirror admiring your face, I could get off these streets and retire to the Bahamas."
               - Raven

         Though it predates the popularity of such cosmetic practices such as botox, this episode effectively comments on the downfalls sometimes caused by vanity. Combine that with greed and a little murder and you’ve got a pretty solid, though at times overbearing, Tales story. But hey, Michael J. Fox’s mom from Back to the Future is in it, so how can you go wrong?

          Lea Thompson is Sylvia Vane (get it?), a beautiful but ruthless hooker who stumbles into the wrong kind of pawn shop. The creepy shop owner clones Sylvia’s face, sings a little song, and in just a little time, her life—which revolves solely on her good looks—begins to sag, so to speak. In the end, just like in every Tales episode, she learns her lesson. And so do we. It kind of smacks you over the head, but it’s effective nonetheless: “Don’t go into creepy pawn shops.”
                                        - The Tim Reaper




Lea Thompson
Britt Leach
Brett Cullen
Burke Byrnes
G. Smokey Campbell
Pamella D'Pella
Matthew Faison
Pamela Gordon
John Kassir



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