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     This section of the site is reserved for all the supporters of The Flesh Farm who want to show everyone their dedication to keeping horror alive!
     Everyone is welcome to participate! There are only a couple requirements:
          1. The Flesh Farm must be incorporated into the picture in some way. Write it on your body, a picture wearing your Flesh Farm shirt, hold up a piece of paper with some Flesh Farm art, a picture sitting in front of your computer with The Flesh Farm on the screen, soak yourself in pigs blood and goat intestines... anything goes! If The Flesh Farm is not incorporated into the picture/art, we will not post it.
          2. Nudity is OPTIONAL. If we receive any nudity that the age is questionable, we will ask for age verification or delete it entirely. If you are not 18+ don't even think about it! This site is 18+ and you shouldn't be on here anyway!
          All of your pictures/artwork can be sent here. We look forward to posting your support! We love every last one of you crazy fucks!









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