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         Episode #6 - Collection Completed
Screenplay by: A. Whitney Brown
         Directed by: Mary Lambert
         Original Airdate: 6/28/89

         Every retiree needs a pet project. So Jonas takes up taxidermy, turning the many pets his wife Anita dotes upon into a stuffed menagerie. Sit still. Don't move. This one will leave you in stitches!

"Are you running some kind of luxury resort for every flea-bitten parasite that trips across my doorstep?"
               - Jonas

         With a fitting name for an end-of-the-season episode, Collection Completed offers us a little light-hearted horror fun to close things up. This episode is one of the most clearly comic-book based stories from the season—what do you expect when you have Three’s Company’s Mrs. Roper in it?

          Everyman actor M. Emmet Walsh (Raising Arizona) plays Jonas, an angry and newly- retired old man who finds difficulty adjusting to his new life at home with this overly-doting wife and her collection of overly-abundant cats and dogs. It isn’t long before he starts losing his temper with the animals—and this causes his wife to really lose hers.

          This story, complete with the carnival-like music that makes Tales so special, has a nice mix of humor and disturbing “grandpa is yelling at grandma”-type tension. The casting is spot on—and though the overall tone is somewhat comical, I appreciate the fact that this episode really holds its own in the Tales collection without resorting to the supernatural or over-the-top morality lessons. Still, it’s clear that assholes get what they deserve—it’s as simple as that. And that goes for just about every episode in this season…and beyond.
                                        - The Tim Reaper




Martin Garner
Bob Herron
Audra Lindley
M. Emmet Walsh
John Kassir



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