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          Five years after the horrific slaughter at Camp Arawak, transsexual lunatic Angela Baker has become a counselor at Camp Rolling Hills.  But Angela is about to teach 'bad campers' a brutal lesson in survival when these horny teens are sliced, stabbed, drilled, barbecued, chain sawed, and worse. 

"Oh I'm a happy camper, I love to drink and fuck, And if you pay me money, On my titties you can suck!"
                - Brooke Schote

          A couple of campers at Camp Rolling Hills are sitting around telling ghost stories, and one of them is killed in the forest around the camp. The camp's head counselor, Angela, convinces the others that she left home. As the others help out the children in the camp, Molly and Sean, start to develop a friendship that really infuriates Angela. Suddenly, some of the counselors start to be sent home for illegal behavior, Molly becomes a bit suspicious of her, yet also has to deal with Ally, another counselor making moves on Sean. When Angela finally reveals that she has been killing the other counselors instead of sending them home, she kidnaps Molly and drags her to her secret cabin in the woods. With all the dead bodies around, Molly has a small chance to escape and stop her killing spree.
          With all the gruesome deaths in here, one might wonder if it's a Friday the 13th film. We get battery acid to the eyes, a knife in the chest, repeated stabbing in the back, a decapitation, strangulation, and a massive object striking the head. In addition, we also have non-traditional deaths like drilling a hole into the skin with a power drill, having a tongue cut out, and being shoved into a "used" outhouse filled with leeches. If you know what an outhouse is, you'll know what I mean by "used:" if not, then watch it, since I won't spoil that kill. The main thing it lacked was dismemberment, but with the variety of killing in the movie already, I won't complain. Another big clue is all the nudity. Several women are topless more than once, even going so far as having one character being topless for ninety percent of her screen time. Not at all bad, but still an example of how similar it is to the Friday series. The ultimate example: to pull a prank on the woman, a few guys dress up as Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruegar, and Leatherface to scare them in a pretty pointless scene, but now the real point is that they dressed like Jason, hockey mask, machete and all. It did feature a few gruesome deaths, and a way to get some good blood and guts in, but all it did was only prove how close this is to a Jason film.
          The cheesiness involved is more overt and over-the-top as horror-comedies are today. After every kill, there is a smart-aleck remark done at the characters' expense. Some were pretty funny, but they where all pretty cheesy that it might turn off some people. The rest of the movie is also done with a pretty cheesy attitude, where all the people involved are aware of the fact that the film is cheesy, and are playing the film with a tongue-in-cheek manner. The cheesiness is so high up the chart that even a second grader unfamiliar with the genre can find at least thirty references alone. That high value of really bad scenes is really a clue to how bad this might appear to people.
          This film isn't all that bad for a slasher film from the eighties. It has enough gore, nudity, and cheesiness to win over any fans of these issues. Check it out if you enjoy those things, but heed caution if you want subtly or complex issues in your horror films. Avoid all together if you hate humor with horror.

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          - In the shot of Rob hanged, he blinks right before the shot cuts. 

          - In the breakfast scene, watch closely to see Benji Wilhoite, Anthony, accidentally looks into the camera. 

          - While Molly and Sean kiss, listen in the background: Angela keeps stopping playing/sing Koombaya... she removed one guitar string to garrote Demi, remember? 

          - The book on Uncle John's desk is The Gates of Hell, a book about Nazis. Get the connection? 

          - When Ally screwed Rob in the forest, that wasn't really Terry Hobbs, who played Rob. He was too young! A body double got the lucky honors. 

          - Yes, Pamela Springsteen (Angela) is Bruce Springsteen's sister. 

          - Many of the characters are named after members of the "brat pack" of the 1980's. 

          - Shot back-to-back and at the very same location as its sequel, Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. Both finished within three months. 

          - The most the MPAA let you see of the climactic decapitation of Sean in SC2 was the full slice but not the resulting bloodletting. Thankfully, it was the only major cut in the film. Even more thankfully you can see it on the DVD - in fact, you get to see the making of it and its execution - in the Behind The Scenes featurette. 




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