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          Phoebe - This young woman's corpse was found near Camp Rolling Hills in the forest. Autopsy shows that a large object (presumably a piece of wood) was used to crush her skull. Soon after her tongue was removed using a knife. Campers say she had gotten in a fight with a camp counselor earlier that night. Dead on Arrival.
          Jodi Schote - Blood tests confirm this victim had a blood-alcohol level of .25 when she was killed. This amount of alcohol, ingested by a woman this small, would have rendered her unconscious. Her body was found burnt on a fireplace beyond recognition. Residue found indicates a propellant was used. Dead on Arrival.
          Brooke Schote - Alcohol level is slightly lower in this case but traces of narcotics have also been found in her system. Traces of a propellant (gasoline) have been found which was used to set her ablaze. Body is nearly burnt as badly as her sisters. DNA tests were used to identify which was which. Dead on Arrival.
          Mare - Police report an altercation with a camp counselor led to this woman's death. The counselor was upset that this woman continually exposed her breasts to other campers. Her body was found about a mile away from the camp with multiple injuries. Shape of the wounds suggest a drill was used. Dead on Arrival.
          Anthony - It's suspected that this young man was planning to play a prank on one of the camp counselors when he was intercepted by his killer. The costume he was wearing, a Freddy Krueger costume, was actually used to kill him. The razor-glove he made was used to slash his throat open. No other injuries apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Judd - In on the prank, Judd was also killed during the attempt. Dressed as Jason Voorhees this man was hacked into pieces about 30 yards away from his friend, Anthony. The tearing around the wounds shows that a chainsaw was used as the murder weapon. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Ally Burgess - This victim was not found for many weeks due to the fact she was submerged in one of the Camp Rolling Hill's outhouses. Circular abrasions around her neck and back indicate she was forced into the outhouse and drowned. A further look into the lungs confirm this. Lungs found filled with feces and urine. Dead on Arrival.
          Demi - Head partially severed from an attack with a guitar string. Many other objects around the room seemed to have been contemplated by the killer for weapons as they were found disturbed. Body found in a nearby abandoned cabin. No other injuries apparent. Case still open. Dead on Arrival.
          Lea - Crime scene indicates this woman interrupted the killer disposing of a separate body. Autopsy confirms a 5"-7" knife was used to kill her. 7 stab wounds found to the upper half of her corpse. Body found in a nearby abandoned cabin with the above victim. No other injuries found. Dead on Arrival.
          T.C. - Chemical tests confirm traces of battery acid. Patterns of the burns indicate the acid was thrown left to right across the face... severely burning the eyes, snout, and scalp. Blunt force trauma to the back of the skull has also be detected. Shavings of bark lodged in the wound indicates a heavy stick. Dead on Arrival.
           Sean Whitmore - When this boys body was found the head was missing. After some investigation... police found it placed inside a broken television nearby. DNA tests on a machete found in the cabin tested positive for Sean Whitmore's blood, proving it was used as the murder weapon. Dead on Arrival.
          Charlie and Emilio - These brothers were known around camp as mischievous, pranksters and voyeurs. Bodies found propped up an a window, as if they were spying on whoever lurked inside. It's suspected these boys were killed for taking numerous nude photographs of women around the camp without their knowledge. Dead on Arrival.
          Uncle John - Crime scene shows that while this man was reaching for the phone to call for help, his right hand was severed at the wrist. Death was caused after his throat was slit. A disgruntled ex-employee might be to blame. Witnesses report that they had a bitter argument earlier in the day. Dead on Arrival.
          Rob Darrinco - This man's corpse was found hanging from the rafters in the main office of the camp. Inside his mouth was found a soiled pair of women's panties. Found in the same room as his boss, Uncle John. No other injuries present and no further information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Diane - Police reports theorize that this woman walked in on the killer after she had killed Uncle John and Rob Darrinco. A single stab wound, 3"-4" deep, was found to the chest. Stretching along the rim of the wound suggests that the knife was twisted after it was inserted. Dead on Arrival.
          Truck Lady - Friends of this woman told police that she was a drunk and was very obnoxious and belligerent when she was intoxicated. This could have sparked the attack from her killer. Her body was found in her truck near a railroad crossing with multiple stab wounds. No other injuries present. Dead on Arrival.
          Molly Nagle - This campers body was never found. It's suspected she attempted to flee after discovering the murdered victims and was intercepted. No information is available at this time. Police mounted a month long man-hunt but nothing was found. Still missing and presumed dead. No body found.



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