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          Meet the girls of Sigma Pi; Some will live and some will die. Playboy Playmate Melissa Moore, Joe Bob's Breast Actress Robyn Harris and nubile newcomer Stacia Zhivago are three sexy coeds spending their first night at their new sorority house. Unfortunately, like their boyfriends, the old mansion has a past.
          The girls party 'til they panic... a killer has crashed the bash and he's really hooked on them. Now they must struggle to stay alive with only their brains and their bustiers to support them.

"Body parts were scattered all over the house!"
                    - Lt. Block

         Sorority House Massacre 2 is a classic example of what made the Horror genre explode in popularity in the 1980's. There are two main aspects of the genre that makes it unique from all others. Copious amounts of explicit death scenes and enough T&A to make Ron Jeremy blush. As a matter of fact, death and sex top the charts of popularity when it comes to entertainment! Look at the violence in video games and television programs. Games such as God of War, Doom and Evil Dead: Hail to the King feature graphic depictions of torture, violent beatings and bodily dismemberment. Then take a look at the porn industry. You wouldn't be reading this review, or enjoying the internet at all, if it wasn't for the adult porn industry. Sex is what made the internet explode with popularity when it was unleashed onto the planet. To this day, porn sites account for over half of the internet content! What I'm trying to say is this, Sorority House Massacre 2 is a prime example of the two coming together to entertain and cause uncountable boners.
         I'm still puzzled as to why they titled the film as Sorority House Massacre 2. It has nothing to do with it's predecessor and everything to do with the first Slumber Party Massacre film. Five big-titted college girls move into a creepy house, which they plan to turn into their new sorority house. Unannounced to them, it's the house where the Hockstatter massacre took place five years earlier. Strangely enough, the house looks absolutely nothing like the house from Slumber Party Massacre. But I guess that's the glory of these types of films. Who cares about the details as long as there's murder and tits?
         Also, take a look at the cover. Not one of those models are in the film. This is the same tactic which is used with all the Sorority and Slumber films. Why they choose this route is a mystery to me. All the actresses in the films are all kinds of big tits and round asses. Why not just use the actresses? Oh well. What's another few pairs of tits going to hurt, right?
         I'm not sure why the rating is so low on IMDB. I've always liked this installment. It's far better than the original Sorority House Massacre. Yeah, the acting isn't the best and the story is hard to follow if you haven't seen the original Slumber Party Massacre, but it's still a fun watch. I'd recommend Sorority House Massacre 2 for all Halloween parties and any keggers.
         There's a 10 minute section of the film where the tits and beavers begin flying out of their clothes as if their dying for a breath of fresh air. This is where you begin to realize this is more of a soft-core porn, drenched in blood, than your typical horror film. Which is a-o-kay with me. I'm beginning to feel I've been talking about tits through this entire review. Good for me.
         Get a copy you little perverts! Support cheesy T&A horror!

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          - When Orville Ketchum (Peter Spellos) tells the girls about the Hockstatter murders, footage from The Slumber Party Massacre is reused.

          - Orville (Peter Spellos) watches Hollywood Boulevard on TV, which Valerie (Robin Stille) watched in The Slumber Party Massacre.

          - At one point in the film, three of the girls sit in the same position as the ones in The Slumber Party Massacre.

          - The interior of the Hockstatter house was used in Slumber Party Massacre 3. That interior was a set on New Concorde's studio in Venice, which is now gone.

          - Director Jim Wynorski says, "The outside location for Sorority House Massacre 2 was a house somewhere over in East Los Angeles. It's been over six years since I filmed at the location, and I can't remember the name of the street. It's just off the 10 freeway somewhere between La Brea and Crenshaw. I have no idea whether the house is still there or not. It was owned by the Baptist Church in a predominantly black neighborhood. The last time I used it was in 2001 - it became the interior house headquarters in Project Viper (the exterior was elsewhere). Both it and the spooky house next door were vacant, and very creepy at night. All the interiors, however, were shot on sets at Roger Corman's now defunct studio in Venice.

          - The trailer reuses footage from The Slumber Party Massacre and Sorority House Massacre.



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