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     Richard 'Little Dick' Wick - Reports confirm that this local criminal was attempting to rob "Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen" when he took a high caliber shot to the head. When found his brain was exposed due to the high impact of the bullet. The shooter will not be charged due to self-defense. Dead on Arrival.
     Killer Karl - Along with the above victim, this man was also robbing the local shop when he was killed. It's speculated that this mans injuries are far worst because he was the leader of the assault. Massive bruises were found to his back and chest along with three gunshot wounds to the face. Dead on Arrival.
     Cindy Thompson - During the four days since she was reported missing from Ruggsville High School, this woman was tortured severely. The deep lacerations to her neck and back were found not be the cause of death. Cardiac Arrest caused this young woman to die. Dead on Arrival. (Thanks to Channel 68's 7 O'clock News for the image.)
     Bill Hudley - As bizarre as it may sound, this man was turned into a "Fish Boy" by his attackers. "Fish Boys" we're half-man half-fish that were popular in the early days of traveling freak shows, usually constructed of many different animal parts to give the illusion of a mutant. Extreme torture is also apparent. Dead on Arrival.
     Dawn Baker - As the cheerleader above, this woman was also tortured severely during the last days of her life. Her corpse was found in the trunk of an abandoned car that was last seen with four other missing teenagers. "Trick or Treat" was inscribed into her flesh to taunt police. Dead on Arrival. (Thanks to Channel 68's 7 O'clock News for the image.)
     Karen Murphy - Yet another of the cheerleaders missing, this one was found hanging in a nearby tool shed by her wrists. Autopsy shows her death occurred about 48 hours before her discovery. Circular lacerations around her neck suggest an ancient form of torture and interrogation. Dead on Arrival.
     Allison Khole - Cheerleader # 4 was also found in the tool shed but with far different injuries. Her body was placed in a sleeping position on a wooden desk giving the illusion that she was just resting. Throat has been slit about 3 inches deep causing her to choke oh her own blood. Dead on Arrival. (Thanks to Channel 68's 7 O'clock News for the image.)
     Lieutenant George Wydell - Last transmission from this Lieutenant was sent 12 minutes before his death occurred. A single shot to the left temple caused this mans death. Forensic tests after his autopsy concluded that a .50 caliber magnum was the murder weapon. Lieutenant George Wydell served 27 years in the force. Dead on Arrival.
     Vallerie Green - This last of the five missing cheerleaders was found, again, in the tool shed half-nude and bound with chains. This woman's corpse shows a lower amount of abuse and mishandle. This reason is unknown but it's speculated that she might have been used as a sex slave. Dead on Arrival.
     Don Willis - In this case, DNA matching was needed to identify his body. Witnesses say that this man's skin was cut off so one of his attackers wear it. Further into the autopsy we found that the initial cause of death was from two bullet wounds... one to the right are and one to the back. Dead on Arrival.
     Deputy Steve Naish - Upon discovering the five dead cheerleaders, sources say this Deputy was ambushed and forced to get on his knees. A single gunshot wound between the eyes was found which was obviously the end for this man. No other injuries found besides some minor scrapes to the knees. Dead on Arrival.
     Mary Knowles - This young woman's lifeless body was found in a field of homemade crosses and covered with deep stab wounds. It is said that this woman had an issue with her temper and jealousy which led to her demise. Main suspect in this murder is Baby Firefly... a local woman with questionable morals. Dead on Arrival.
     Jerry Goldsmith - Local rumors of a "Doctor Satan" in the area have caused a monster type of hysteria. This young man searched with his friends for this local myth and some say... he found him. His corpse was found and autopsied and it seems as though bizarre experiments were performed on him. Cause of death = Cardiac Arrest. Dead on Arrival.
     Denise Willis - The main details around this murder are still under investigation but what is knows is that she was severely abused before her death. Clotted blood was found around all wounds accept one... the knife wound to the chest. Body was found in a ditch as though she was thrown out of a car. Dead on Arrival.




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