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          When Beth comes to visit her friends at the Sorority, she gets a strange feeling from the house... it seems hauntingly familiar. The girls just want to have fun, but Beth suffers from nightmares of a knife-wielding killer. Little does she know, a dangerous psycho has just escaped from the mental ward, and is heading straight for the Sorority! The girls' night of fun quickly becomes a night of terror as the killer stalks them one by one!

"I know I'm awake now, but I still feel like he's coming for me. "
                  - Beth O'Neill

         I can hear many of you saying to yourselves, "I think I've seen this film!" but I want to make one thing clear before I begin my review. There are two series of "Massacre" films that developed a massive cult following in the 80's which spawned numerous bloody boobie sequels. There is this series, Sorority House Massacre and then there is the better known Slumber Party Massacre. The majority of you are probably more familiar with Slumber Party Massacre than the Sorority films, due to their differences in popularity and earlier marketing choices. Although, I must make it clear that all of the Massacre films from the 80's and early 90's are fantastic in their own ways. I don't care if it's Valley High Cheerleader Massacre, Rustle Road Massacre or even The Hymen Massacre. If it was made around 20 years ago, filmed on a shoe string budget and has copious amounts of unneeded nudity and violence... it's going to be fun no matter what! So lets get to it, shall we?
         Sorority House Massacre has many aspects that were done perfectly and just as many that were done horribly wrong. For starters, it's obvious from the start that it was filmed with a low budget, but where did the money go? I'm positive they had more to work with than what shows through the film. There is practically nothing in the film that even resembles an effort to spend the money wisely and create a more believable atmosphere. For example, the blood looks like Ketchup and the sets are all missing furniture. Yes I said furniture. I would think a Sorority House filled with 5-7 girls would have more than a couple couches and a mirror. It doesn't mean that a filmmaker needs to purchase new furniture for a film! Just walk across the street and offer $50 to borrow some neighbors things! Shit, if I could make a buck and get the crusty couch (that I've fucked every woman on since puberty) in a slasher film, I'd kindly oblige!
         But lets not forget some of the great accomplishments of Sorority House! The fact that the filmmakers pulled the film off with such a low budget and it survives to this day is an accomplishment in itself! Most of the fantastic splatter films of the 80's are still condemned to the dusty corners of our VHS collections and I seriously wonder if they'll ever get a chance at a DVD release. Which is sad considering it seems as though they've released a DVD copy of nearly every terrible attempt at a splatter film from all decades. (I'm referring to the ones that aren't even bad/good, just the ones that are embarrassingly bad. Sigh.) Regardless, Sorority still manages to suck you into that feeling of seclusion that many horror films strive to achieve but fail miserably at.
         As of 2007, it's pretty hard to find any copies of the Sorority House/Slumber Party films on DVD. It's hard to find any of them under $12-$15 but they are worth it if you can sport the cash. I took a hit to the pocket book so all you crazy Flesh Farm fucks could enjoy them. They are fun, filled with tits and are overly violent.. so support the Massacre films and get yourself the DVDs!

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          - Released in October of1986.

          - The sorority girls and their boyfriends watch The Slumber Party Massacre on TV throughout the film.

          - Both Nicole Rio and Pamela Ross attended Wendy Martel's wedding a few years after they filmed Sorority House Massacre. Wendy is from Washington, where she worked in local theatre, but Nicole said she never pursued any other film roles.

          - Director Carol Frank was assistant to the director onThe Slumber Party Massacre.

          - Filmed entirely in Los Angeles, California.

  •           - Mistake -- When Bobby escapes from the insane asylum and jumps over the fence the first shot shows that the fence has a line of barbed wire along the top. The next shot there is no barbed wire.

  •           - Mistake -- When Linda is hitting Bobby with the shovel you can clearly see that she is hitting the floor behind him.

  •           - Mistake -- Just after Linda has been stabbed falls to the floor, the killer starts to crawl towards Beth, you can see Linda moving slightly, even though she has just died.



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