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          In Return of the Living Dead: Part 2, the chemical Trioxin 245 turned people into flesh eating zombies. Now the government is trying to control these unstoppable cannibalistic killers.
          The splatter-fest starts when a young man uses the chemical to bring his girlfriend back to life. It's a state of the art special effects show as she starts a chain reaction on the living dead by eating the only thing that will nourish her... human brains.

"I liked you when you were... the way you were before."
                  - Curt

          On a secret military base, Lt. Col. Sinclair arrives from Washington to oversee a new experiment with the trioxin. The base's commander's son Curt, and his girlfriend Julie witness a dead body being brought back to life, then turning on its captors. When he returns home, Curt defies his reassignment orders and strikes out on their own. Immediately after doing so, they get into an accident and Julie is killed. Remembering the experiment they secretly watched where a dead corpse was revived, he sneaks back onto the base and is able to revive her with trioxin. Along with her, a zombie is released. Julie and Curt escape, where Julie discovers a taste for flesh. With Curt's father and the military looking for them, Curt and Julie wander around trying to find out what she is and what she will become. When they finally find them, Julie has turned others into zombies as well and has turned them over to Sinclair for use in the weapons program. Another zombie escape has them questioning whether to live or die together.
          The most recognizable part of this movie is the extremely well-done make-up effects on the zombies. These zombies look rather hideous and disgusting, which is how we all want our zombies to look like. The final make-up applied to Julie when she undergoes her transformation is perhaps the most shocking part, since throughout the movie she has a distinctly human appearance, then without warning she has become this grotesque looking creature that is very un-human. It gives a very chilling appearance when we first get to see her like that, as in real life it would probably kill someone to look like she did. Even the zombies that she created look very disturbing and for the most part scary. The best one has to be the gang member she nearly decapitates by ripping his head and spinal cord away from the body, yet leaving it attached, giving the appearance of a giraffe to the zombie. Even though this isn't as action-packed as the other entries, there are still enough big sequences to keep the attention. The ending completely saves it, as the zombies escape from inside the compound, so it has tons of scenes of soldiers fighting off the rampaging zombies inter-cut with the love story that the rest of the movie has set up. That love story is devolved throughout the movie, and is surprisingly well done. Most horror films will have the cheesy type of romance where "guy-saves-girl-from-menace-become-lovers-at-the-end" type of love story, and the one found here is done differently, and quite well too.
          Fans of the series will cry serious foul as this film isn't even the slightest bit funny. Only one line gave me a snicker: finding Julie eating a man they were trying to save, Craig remarks "How could you eat that man?" Not really funny, but that was as close as we came to humor in the film. No stumbling zombies stepping on others, no goofy slapstick that is caused by the uncoordinated zombies, nothing at all for humor. It was probably cut out for the love story, which, while well done, may not be everyone's cup of tea, so to speak.
          If the love story isn't your kind of thing, the film has a lot going for it to give it a good recommendation. Fans of the movie series will want to give it caution as the film contains absolutely no comedy or even the chances for it.

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          - Released on Halloween, 1993.

          - The first zombie we see in the film was actually a homeless man that, special effects production supervisor, Thomas C. Rainone found while looking for someone to play the part. To this day that man still lives in a cardboard box near the L.A. airport.

          - The military rank insignia on Colonel Reynolds jacket keeps disappearing/reappearing throughout the movie. Especially while he is in the control booth during the experiment at the beginning of the movie.

          - Filmed on $2,000,000 but only grossed $54,207 in theaters.

          - The chemical used for the Trioxin effect is actually called Coculigt 47-B.

          - Actor/Director Anthony Hickox makes a cameo appearance in the lab scene.

          - Entirely filmed in Los Angeles, California.

          - In the store, one of the thugs is playing "Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition", but the sounds are from a different game.

          - It took 5-8 hours to apply Melinda Clarke's zombie make-up.

          - When Curt is dragging his dead girlfriend through the Army facility, he peeks through a door to see a severed arm being experimented on. This arm was also used in the filming of Bride of Re-Animator.




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