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          2 Science Technicians - These two scientists were attacked after they were given an assignment to experiment on a 245 Trioxin cadaver. Witnesses say the corpse escaped from the restraints and attacked Hans Goldfer (pictured) first. After biting off three fingers and crushing his skull he killed the second scientist. Both dead on arrival.
          Julie Walker - Reports show this victim was enjoying an evening motorcycle ride with her boyfriend, Curt Reynolds, when they lost control and crashed. Blood and hair was found on a nearby telephone pole matching the victims DNA. It appears that she was thrown from the bike and sustained deadly injuries from the wooden pole. Dead on Arrival.
          Andy Bostash (Military Police) - Surveillance video shows this man being attacked by multiple experiment subjects that were intentionally injected with 245 Trioxin. On the video, he attempted to stop them and verify identification but was attacked until dead. The brain matter was completely removed and consumed. Dead on Arrival.
          Vang Zintezt - Police intercepted this man's corpse after they gave chase to a van containing two fugitives. Upon viewing the body, it's apparent his brain was also removed via the mouth of another. His local convenient store was being burglarized when the incident began. 9 mm gunshot wound is also found to the chest. Dead on Arrival.
          Officer Raves - The teeth marks around this officers cranium have been compared with the above victims dental records and they matched. The partner of this man confirmed that Mr. Zintezt attacked the officer after attempting to arrest the occupants of the van. Liver shows signs of extreme alcoholism. Dead on Arrival.
          Santos Morales - Killed by Julie Walker after she was re-animated by the chemical 245 Trioxin. The murder was not witnessed by anyone so details on the actual death are slim. Local police know this man as "Santos the Savage," a high ranking member of the local Mexican gang. No other information available at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Mogo Entvaz - This young man sustained a bite wound from a cadaver that was infected with the 245 Trioxin virus. White blood cell build-up around the wound shows there was approximately three to four hours between the bite and his death. Theories on how the saliva infected him so quickly are still pending. Dead on Arrival.
          Felipe Hernandez - Found dead in the depths of the towns lower sewer systems. Fractures to the face and neck are consistent with bludgeoning with a heavy, round object. The cranium has been crushed and 85% of the brain matter has been removed. Rumored to be a member of the local Mexican gang. Dead on Arrival.
          Alicia Kitsing - Multiple lacerations to the outer region of the right thigh. The cuts look as though they were caused by claws of some sort. Massive bite wounds are present to the right of the neck and rear skull. Minimal brain matter missing. Blood tests show she was two months pregnant when she died. Dead on Arrival.
          Riverman - Found in the bowels of the army base wearing a strange, metal, experimental suit strapped to his body. The hole to the head coincides with other drill bit injuries I've come across. I suspect he was killed in this manner after he returned from the grave due to the chemical contamination plaguing the area. Dead on Arrival.
          5 Science Technicians - Many of these scientists were involved in a secret program that the government was hosting dealing with 245 Trioxin. When the subjects began to escape from their captures, these associates were attempting to eradicate them. Some of the living-dead were killed but most survived due to overwhelming numbers. Dead on Arrival.
          Curt Reynolds - Remnants of this man's skeletal system were found in the wreckage of the Armies crematorium. Also found were remnants of his girlfriend, Julie Walker. Major Reynolds, Curt's father, said he had the chance to escape the base but chose to stay with his girlfriend instead. This case is still open. Dead on Arrival.



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