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          After years in prison, Norman Bates returns home to the Bates Motel. When a pretty young woman runs to the motel - and Norman's open arms - to escape a scandalous secret, he finally gets a chance at a new life. But he has one murderous skeleton in his closet that will do anything to keep from sharing him. It's a new day at the Bates Motel, but the nightmares are just beginning...

"Wasn't your own sin red enough? You'll burn in hell for this! You'll burn in hell!"
               - Nun

         After the sequel-barrier was triumphantly torn wide open after the release of Psycho 2, it was inevitable that a third installment would follow. What was not forseen was Anthony Perkin's directorial debut with the project. I'm surprised Universal permitted Perkins to direct a film in a popular franchise such as the Psycho films. True, he plays Norman Bates, the character which has made Pscho a household name, but I wouldn't have handed over the golden director key like giving a homeless man a $100 bill and hoping he would use it on something other than booze, drugs and fat ugly hookers. I would've instructed him to get some experience under his belt before playing with the big kids. Amazingly enough, Perkins pulled it off.

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          - Director Anthony Perkins, originally wanted Jeff Fahey to be completely nude in the foreplay scene between Duke and Red, but Jeff Fahey felt too uncomfortable with being completely nude on camera, so he was allowed to hold two lamps to partially cover himself.

          - Anthony Perkins' directorial debut.

          - Anthony Perkins originally suggested Psycho III be filmed in black and white but Universal opposed it.

          - Mary's book from Psycho II (called In the Belly of the Beast) is seen laying in the dirt, by Norman's house. (See screen shot)

          - The original script had Duane as the killer emulating Norman Bates's crimes.

          - Universal had planned the release of Psycho III for February 14, 1986.

          - After completion, Universal felt the film needed a better ending with more of a twist, so Perkins was called back to shoot the final scene.

          - Stuntman Kurt Paul played Mother, except for when we actually see Anthony Perkins dressed up as Mother at the end. This is why we never get to see Mother's face on screen. Mother's face is always blacked out, or hidden in the shadow's.



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