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          Dr. Julius Lifflander - On first viewing this mans corpse I had originally thought his head had been ran over by a lawn mower. On further inspection I conclude that this man was not attacked with a lawn appliance but attacked bare handed. Small shavings of human fingernails prove this. Dead on Arrival.
          Thief in Theater - This man dies shortly after arriving at the nearby hospital. Similar injuries are shown as seen on  the above victim. Autopsy shows this man dies from massive blood-loss from multiple deep lacerations to his face. Nurses couldn't get any information before he fell into a coma. Died shortly after.
          Dr. Harold Needleman - This mans carcass was brought into the morgue in two separate body bags. Police report that the victim was found in his office brutally hacked in half at the waist. No leads have surfaced on the mans killer. One thing that has surfaced... is my conclusion that this was no doubt a homicide. Dead on Arrival.
          Brian 'Mickey' O'Donovan - Tenants that lived in the same hotel as this man report that he was known as a snoop and a voyeur. This might be the reason that he was found in his room hacked to death. Majority of the wounds seem to be concentrated around his head and neck area. Dead of blood-loss. Dead on Arrival.
          Duane's Father - A homemade death-machine of some type was the last thing this man saw before the curtains closed. A saw blade, rake, and garden hoe were some of the reported materials. This man was sawed completely in half from the top of the head to the crotch. Found in a morbid state. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Judith Kutter - Notably one of the most destructive murders I've ever witnessed. Multiple scalpels have been brutally jammed into this doctor's face creating a pinhead effect. Similar slash marks are witnessed on this body as seen on some of the above cases. It's suspected that one of her clients is to blame. Dead on Arrival.
          Sharon Osmond - Autopsy to the neck shows that this woman was killed by asphyxiation. Severe genital mutilation is also seen including removal of the clitoris entirely. Rape-kit shows a positive for sexual molestation. Semen removed will help convict the perpetrator in the future. This case remains open. Dead on Arrival.



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