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          Kim and Nick will be crowned Queen and King of the Prom and the excitement of this day is evident. But a number of sub-plots threaten to disrupt the celebrations of the evening and eventually turn it into a night of horror.

"It's not who you go with, honey. It's who takes you home."
               - Wendy Richards

         After Jamie Lee Curtis landed the role as Laurie Strode in John Carpenter's Halloween, she became stuck in the Horror genre for the next four years until cast as Ophelia in 1983's Trading Places. Until 1983, here career went as follows: Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night, Terror Train, Roadgames, Halloween 2 and she also donated her voice as a phone operator in Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. I'm not sure if these were the only roles offered, but I suspect John Carpenter was the main push behind these decisions. Prom Night, as mentioned above, was Jamie Lee Curtis' third film and she was great, as always.
         We follow her character, Kim Hammond, as she prepares to be crowned the Prom Queen at the Alexander-Hamilton Senior High School dance. We learn that six years earlier four local kids Nick McBride, Jude Cunningham, Kelly Lynch and Wendy Richards were responsible for the death of Robin Hammond, the sister of Kim Hammond and her brother Alex. They were playing a prank in an abandoned school-house when things were taken too far and young Robin Hammond fell to her death from a window. The children did not report their involvement believing they would be sent to jail if they did, so the police ruled the incident a sexual attack in which the killer threw her from the window after she resisted. Six years later, someone is murdering the four children involved (now seniors) as punishment for not taking responsibility. So who is the killer? Did someone see the incident and is now murdering them for the crime? Did the girl somehow survive and is taking revenge? The answer will surprise you.

         Prom Night is your typical 80's slasher with absolutely no originality. That doesn't make it bad, but the films being copied are painfully obvious:

         Before we start, the police believe the murderer is a man named Leonard Merch who was severely burned in a car accident six years earlier around the time of the Robin Hammond "murder." Merch was a known local sex-offender and was approached for routine questioning when he ran. He was then institutionalized after being diagnosed with Catatonic Schizophrenia. Police have assumed he was responsible for Robins death.

              Halloween (1978)
          - Kim Hammond (Jamie Lee Curtis) has two close friends. Jude, who is brunet, and Vicki, who is blond. There is a scene of them walking in a line down the hall which looks nearly identical to the scene where Lourie Strode and her two friends (one brunet and one blond) are walking down the street in Holloween.
          - Jude is walking down a street which looks suspiciously close to the streets in Halloween (although the trees are smaller) when her boyfriend pulls up in a shiny van to give her a ride. Didn't Lynda's boyfriend have a similar van in Halloween? Yep.
          - Leonard Merch, the suspected murderer, escaped from the mental facility by stealing a car and murdering a nurse. *ahem-rip-off-cough*
          - We see a car slowly driving by the school, driver acting suspicious. The shot is a POV through classroom blinds. Sound familiar?

              Carrie (1976)
          - This one is obvious. It's Prom Night and some pissed off students are trying to sabotage the Queen.

              Saturday Night Fever (1977)
          - The epic "disco-feevuh" scene during the dance is obnoxious.

             Fun Fact:  During the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis is dancing in the empty gymnasium before the prom, you can see the microphone popping up from below. It appears they are interviewing her right nipple. (See the interview here)

         So yeah, Prom Night is a complete rip-off but it's still a fun ride. The adult actors are average and figuring out who's-related-to-who can get a little confusing, but it's still deserves a home in your slasher collection. Especially if you're a Jamie Lee Curtis fan!

- Check out this Prom Night microphone blooper! -

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          - The line, "It's not who you come with, it's who takes you home," appears in all the Prom Night movies.

          - Filmed on a budget of $1,600,000.

          - When Wendy leaves home to go to school, after she gets into car and closes the door, camera and crew is reflected on the car door.

          - Brock Simpson is the only actor who appeared in all four Prom Night movies.

          - At one point in the movie, the killer tears pictures of Jude, Kelly, Nick and Wendy out of a high school yearbook. The pictures are then placed in each individual's locker. After Jude and Kelly discover their pictures, upon holding them up the paper on the back side of each picture is blank (as opposed to what would have appeared on the back of the page in the yearbook).

          - Hamilton High is the one setting that all of the Prom Night movies have in common.

          - Filmed in Toronto, Canada.

          - During the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis is dancing in the empty gymnasium before the prom, you can see the microphone popping up from below. (See the mistake here)



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