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          It's Halloween.
          The gates of Hull House have creaked open once again and Angela is waiting patiently for her treats.
          When a group of teens take refuge in the foreboding old funeral home to escape the law, they soon realize their grave error.

"Happy Halloween, Bitch!"
               - Angela

         Sigh. I really wanted this film to kick ass. I really did. I was all excited to be entertained by Angela's hoard of minions, her witty responses and her ghastly methods of body disposal. But instead, I was bombarded time after time with an insulting slap in the face.
         Night of the Demons 3 was written by Kevin Tenney, who was also the director of the original Night of the Demons. He didn't write the first film, he had nothing to do with Night of the Demons 2, then he decided he had what it took to write the third installation. Wrong. Just because you directed a horror film in 1988 (which became a cult classic) doesn't mean you automatically have the talent to write the future sequel in an effective and collective manner. You need to have the talent of writing a clear script while delivering what the fans of the series demand. Well, Kevin Tenney, you managed to write a shitty script while blatantly ripping off the writer of the original Night of the Demons, Joe Augustyn.
         The storyline is nearly identical to the original film. We follow a group of teenagers (who you could pair up side by side with the characters from the original) while they get involved with the notorious Hull House. Of course, Angela is waiting with some devious thoughts on her mind.
         One of the only major differences with this installment is when the group stops at a gas station to illegally buy beer, instead of just quickly stealing it, one of the group shoots a cop while trying to buy the beer. After they flee, they take shelter in Hull House as apposed to seeking out the ex-funeral home for a party.
         The acting is utterly embarrassing. Every last actor, besides Amelia Kinkade, must have been scooped up off the bottom of the acting barrel. Every line makes you want to burst out in laughter. Not only is it bad enough with their acting, throw some classic Kevin Tenney writing in the mix. We are forced to endure "Yo mama" jokes throughout the film. Are they serious? Those weren't funny when they began, so what makes them think they would be funny in a horror film? Sigh. Here are a couple examples from the film:

                  1. "Hey Nick?"
                       "You mama so fat she wakes up in two different time zones!"

                  2. "Hey, yo Reg. Can I give it a try?"
                       "Yeah, sure. What the Hell."
                       "Yo mama has so many double chins, she needs a bookmarker to find her mouth!"

         The only good part of the whole film combines a terrible joke with a clever response. When one of the group is holding a gun to Angela's head, she tries to seduce him with her sexual ways. During this seduction, the kid comes out with a line that would make any woman split at the seams with laughter. Here is the dialogue with Angela starting:

                       "You do want me, don't you?"
                       " That depends. Can you suck a golf ball through a 10-foot garden hose?"

         That's not the good part, that's the Kevin Tenney in the film. The good part is what happens next. She proceeds to give the gun an extremely convincing blowjob (hand stroking included) until she sucks all the bullets out. She lifts his hand and spits them into it slowly as if she was spitting out his apple-bag's baby-batter. Fantastic. (See video clip below.)
         I must also note that Amelia Kinkade gets more beautiful as she gets older. 10 years after Night of the Demons 3 was made, she is even more stunning. (Call me Amelia.)
         Besides Amelia Kinkade and that single scene, this movie blows. (Pun not intended.)

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          - Most of the scenes involving Angela floating through the Hallways, and some inside shots of Hull House, were taken from the original Night of the Demons movie.

          - With the exception of the credits, Angela's name is never spoken in the movie.

          - Throughout the end credits sequence, phrases "I'll show you a hell of a time," "I'm so horny," and "AHHH!" can be heard.

          - Grossed a measly $62,367 in the US box office.

          - Errors:
                  Continuity: Cop Larry's head wound switches sides several times during the film's climactic showdown.
                  Continuity: At the end, the flashing red light on the police car turns itself off as dawn breaks.
                  Crew or equipment visible: The shadow of the camera can be seen on the police officer's car when he pulls into Hull House at the beginning of the movie.
                  Crew or equipment visible: When Angela seduces Orson, a crew member is visible in the picture behind Orson.



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