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          Alice, having survived the previous installment of the Nightmare series, finds the deadly dreams of Freddy Krueger starting once again. This time, the taunting murderer is striking through the sleeping mind of Alice's unborn child. His intention is to be "born again" into the real world. The only one who can stop Freddy is his dead mother, but can Alice free her spirit in time to save her own son? 

          This movie seems to be a draft of what it should have been which I believe is a direct result of the rushed sloppy nature I get from this film. It was written, made and released within less than a year of the previous sequel. This movie retains allot of darkness and puts Freddy (visually anyway) in the shadows like in the first 3 films. However it is all under blown and distorted when he gives out his unnecessary one liners. They just didn't work in this film as it retained a strong gothic style. There wasn't much room for practical jokes... so just when you were getting into the dark mood of the film Freddy would say something rather dumb and break it. He was his own worst enemy in this sequel which does lack but is still very enjoyable, especially to a monster Nightmare on Elm Street fanatic like myself. Storywise it is very interesting but their are many missed opportunities, again... a direct result of this films rushed nature. It's less on quality and more on quantity. There was a big opportunity to create an eerie threatening image of Freddy once again, him praying and abusing an unborn child's dreams to his advantage. It takes his original concept from killing teenagers in their dreams to a even darker level... but unfortunately, no. He isn't very threatening in this film and appears to be more like a comic book villain. He even says "goochy goochy goo" towards the end of the film which makes me cringe and I'm sure Wes Craven wouldn't have been very happy with that.
          Throughout the movie, especially the scenes filmed at night, there seem to be a blue filter which cleverly undertones the child-like innocence about this movie. It is a representative color of a young boy, baby blue. Freddy is mainly shown in darkness and shadows and there is some strong gothic imagery. Gargoyles, churches, church art, and the simple fact that a lot of scenes are filmed at night. I like the characters which helps a lot as Freddy was a bit of a let down in this movie. They have enough onscreen time each to make me care for them. Some interesting mythology throughout the films undertones of the deaths of each character are hinted, but very cleverly done. Greta being treated like a doll by her mom and her herself having a collection of dolls, online to shock-to-death and get smashed to the floor like a doll herself by Freddy.
          This movie also dives into a bit of Christian mythology. This film isn't dark enough for an errie horror movie (like the original) but isn't bright enough in color for a superior horror with stylish hints of comedy which leaves it floating around... if this movie wasn't so rushed then who knows. The climax of the movie is very weak, so simply there is enough good about this movie to keep you watching even for non-fans but is one of the weaker entries to the series. Alice is wonderful as always... some nice imagery and its nostalgia to the late 80's early 90's. I don't think Yvonne was very representative of the era. The "black grounded trendy girl" spouting out lines ending with "girl" and looking like she belonged in a music video. She was a pleasant supporting character and a nice advisory to Alice. To be honest I don't think Gretta looked like she would be friends with Marc, Alice, Yvonne and Dan... so she's a bit out of place. Some interesting FX work and imaginative deaths. But through the movie Freddy always takes his presence one step further to break much positive thoughts.
          It's fun, dark, but tainted. It has style but don't expect a superior horror movie.

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          - The evil laugh heard, as the end credits begin to roll, is taken from Vincent Price's performance on Michael Jackson's landmark 1982 pop classic, "Thriller". 

          - Both horror author Stephen King and comic book writer Frank Miller were offered the job of writing and directing this movie.

          - One portion of the film was made to be viewed with 3D glasses. 

          - When Alice wakes up from her nightmare in the asylum, and Robert Englund appears beside her in bed and pins her down, originally he said, "There's no such thing as safe sex." The line was excised from the film.

          - The graduation sequence was cut down significantly to speed up the pacing of the film. As a result, there are several continuity errors. Among the cut footage was Dan's graduation speech, dialogue between Greta and Racine, a rap between Yvonne, Alice, and Greta, additional dialogue about parents and future plans, and a scene in which Alice's father gives her a camera she had been saving up for as a graduation present before she went to Paris (if you watch closely, you can see Alice hand her father a camera before they go to take the group picture).

          - Lisa Wilcox's name appears on the opening credits, but not on the ending credits.

          - Hopkins was given 4 weeks to shot and 4 more weeks to edit the film. This mean that he had to shot on one stage while they dressed the other, so they could shot almost continually. After he made it, the studio was impressed and gave Hopkins Predator 2.

          - The bike that attacks Dan is a Yamaha V-Max 1200. 

"School's out, Krueger" was a replacement line when a minor wasn't permitted to say "Fuck you, Krueger".

          - One aspect of the movie that the film makers regretted was not having a larger body count. After the film was released they realized that that's one of the reasons the series was so popular. 

          - While filming the climactic ending, a heat wave went through California pushing 105 degrees. The candy glass that the crew was using for windows melted all over the warehouse floor. That particular day they filmed a candy glass scene for 21 hours. By the time they were finished the melted sugar was over 1 ft. thick. The crew said they smelled like a carnival threw up on them. 

          - The license plate on Dan's motorcycle spells FREDDY.




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