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          Dan Jordan - This mans last seconds were spent watching a semi-truck barrel down the freeway.... directly at him. The high impact of the collision explains the massive amount of broken bones, ruptured organs, and torn ligaments. Although this man had a small amount of alcohol in his system... this does not explain the crash. Dead on Arrival.
          Greta Gibson - Witnesses report this woman choked while eating dinner at a banquet in her home. This seems improbable considering that there was no blockage of the passageway during the autopsy. Other tests have been performed but no reasonable evidence has been found to close this case. Case will remain open. Dead on Arrival.
          Mark Burbank - Absolutely no evidence at the crime scene explains how this young man died. Other than small abrasions on his body.... no other notable injures were found. This case will be investigated by the FBI along with the national IVA due to it's suspicious and perplexing circumstances. Minimal amount of decomp found. Dead on Arrival.



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