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         A horrific Leprechaun goes on a rampage after his precious bag of gold coins is stolen. He uses all of his magical destructive powers to trick, terrorize, and kill anyone who is unlucky enough to hinder his relentless search. In a frantic attempt to survive the wrath of the Leprechaun, Tori scrambles to find the only weapon known to kill this Irish monster... a four leaf clover. However, unless she and her friends can discover a four leaf clover or return all the gold taken from the rainbow's end, their fairy tale nightmare will have only just begun.

"Try as they will, and try as they might, who steals me gold won't live through the night."
                      - Leprechaun

         When it comes to Leprechaun and its sequels, they are definitely a required taste. It took me years to find the entertainment in them due to the less-than-stellar acting and the over-the-top characters. But when you take the films for what they are, which are essentially comedies, you begin to realize their entertainment value.
         The first time I watched Leprechaun was back in 1994 at a friends birthday party. He was the friend that everyone has who's parents would rent them any films they wished, ratings be damned. So we're watching this little Leprechaun bobble and skip across the screen, slashing and maiming, cracking super cheesy jokes and displaying his major fetish with clean shoes when I realize that a couple of the people at the party were actually scared! These films are not meant to make you swallow your tongue in absolute fear! They were created to make you laugh uncontrollably while giving you a jump when you're not expecting it.
         Many fans of the popular TV series "Friends" fail to realize that Jennifer Aniston's first theatrical film was... wait for it... Leprechaun! It's amazing how many A-list actors made their entrance into Hollywood through horror films. (Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, Peter Jackson with Bad Taste, ect.) That being said, Aniston later admitted "Leprechaun" was the embarrassment of her career. Thankfully for us, we can sit back with our cases of beer and laugh at her skinny ass through the four-leaf-clover madness. Speaking of skinny, Aniston is smokin' hot in this film! No wonder the Leprechaun was chasing her all over creation... he wanted some Aniston ass! Shit, she could probably use him for a dildo.
         Warwick Davis (also known as "Willow") makes his first appearance as the gold-thirsty Leprechaun. In my humble opinion, there is no actor on this planet who could've played this role any better. (Although it would've been fun to see Ed Gale (Howard the Duck) portray the character.) Warwick Davis amazed me with his ability to actually convince me he was a Leprechaun. Obviously, this is what actors are supposed to do but he did it extraordinary well. His character has a major shoe fetish which is used against him during an escape scene. Picture it... the group being hunted by our villain is attempting to gain access to a nearby vehicle but it's being guarded. What to do? Grab a box full of shoes and lob them over his head, one at a time! Seriously people, it's fucking hilarious! Everytime a shoe lands in the dirt, Leprechaun's overwhelming fetish takes over and he's forced to grab it up and begin polishing. As soon as that shoe is polished another one lands behind him causing the same reaction. Pretty soon he's so far away from the vehicle the group easily makes their escape. Fucking... awesome.
         Some other actors in the horror genre also have roles. Robert Hy Gorman (Sometimes They Come Back) plays the smart mouthed friend to Mark Holten (Teen Wolf) who discovers the Leprechauns sack of gold in an old pickup truck. The main reason for the Leprechauns rage is his stolen gold. Without it, his powers are weak and his anger thick. Will the Leprechaun obtain his prized sack of gold? I guess you'll just have to watch it to find out!
         Overall, Leprechaun is hilarious. Don't expect hardcore frights or award winning acting and you'll love it. Especially if you're a fan of unique death scenes.

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          - The first film from Trimark.

          - The movie takes place in North Dakota, but there are no tarantulas in North Dakota.

          - The video sold more than 100,000 copies.

          - When Tory, and Nathan are in the house shooting at the leprechaun with the shotgun, the sound effect for the shotgun changes from a shotgun sound to the sound of a silenced gun between shots.

          - Jennifer Aniston's first theatrical movie.

          - When the Leprechaun is in the wheelchair chasing Tori, the wheels from the camera dolly are reflected in the side of the wheelchair.

          - Released to theaters on 1 January 1993, making it the first movie release of 1993.

          - Although taking place in North Dakota, the Jeep and cop car have the older Illinois plates.




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