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          Five years after the horrible bloodbath at Camp Crystal Lake, all that remains is the legend of Jason Voorhees and his demented mother, who had murdered seven camp counselors. At a nearby summer camp, the new counselors are concerned about the warnings to stay away from the infamous site. Carefree, the young people roam the area, not sensing the ominous lurking presence. One by one, they are attacked and brutally slaughtered. Suspense and screams abound in this compelling chiller. 

"Jason Voorhees is only a legend!"
                          - Paul (Camp Counselor)

          In 1980, Sean S. Cunningham's, Friday The 13th was a massive hit at box-office records. The film was widely praised for its horrifying make-up effects, created by the infamous Tom Savini. But fans craved for more, and they meant to have more. 
          In 1981, director Steve Miner gave the fans more with, Friday The 13th Part 2. The film starts off in August of 1980, just two months after the massacre Mrs. Voorhees brought to Camp Crystal Lake that June of 1980. Alice (again played by Adrienne King) has been struggling with the horrifying memories of that brutal massacre that occurred two months ago. She awakes from the terrifying dreams and realizes that she is safe at home. Alice is living on her own, trying to piece her life back together. After a brief phone-conversation with her mother, Alice goes off to take a shower. She finishes her shower, only to hear a noise coming from her kitchen. She goes into the kitchen and grabs an ice pick from the counter. She heads over to the kitchen window, where a cat jumps in. She puts a teakettle on the stove and heads over to the fridge to get the cat some milk. Instead of grabbing the milk, Alice screams in horror when she finds Mrs. Voorhees' head in her fridge. Behind her, is a full-grown...Jason Voorhees (played by Warrington Gillette). He grabs Alice and stabs her in the temple with the ice pick. 

          Five years pass after Alice's demise. Paul Holt (played by John Fury) has opened a summer camp, just next to Camp Crystal Lake. He has hired a large batch of counselors, including Jeff (played by Bill Randolph), Sandra (played by Marta Kober), Ted (played by Stuart Charno), Mark (played by the late Tom McBride), Scott (played by Russell Todd), Vicky (played by Lauren-Marie Taylor), Terri (played by Kirsten Baker), and Ginny Fields (played by Amy Steel), Paul's girlfriend and assistant head counselor. 
          Everyone arrives safely, but Ginny arrives a little late, due to her car not being in the best of shape. That night, Paul has a little fun with everybody when he reveals the legend of Jason Voorhees, and reveals what happened at Camp Crystal Lake five years ago, where Ted comes out dressed like a dead Viking. That's when Paul informs everyone that Jason is supposedly dead, Mrs. Voorhees was killed by Alice, and Camp Crystal Lake is off limits. The next day, while jogging, Terri's little dog, Muffin, meets Jason, where later that day, Jeff and Sandra go off into Camp Crystal Lake and find a supposed mangled dog. Before they even have the chance to really figure out what it is they're looking at, they are snagged by a cop. The cop has a few words with Paul and then goes on his way, but only to find Jason running around Camp Crystal Lake. The cop chases him deep into the camp and finds a broken-down cabin. He enters the cabin and enters the far-back side of the cabin. What he sees is shocking, but before he can make more comments on what he is seeing, Jason kills him off. 

          That night, while Ginny, Paul, and the rest of the counselors go off to party, Scott, Terri, Vicky, Jeff, Sandra, & Mark stay behind to watch the camp. During their watch out, Terri goes for a little skinny dip. Scott jokes around by grabbing Terri's clothes, but he gets caught in a rope trap. As Terri goes to get a knife to cut the rope, Scott is then killed off, followed by Terri. Vicky and Mark make plans to sleep with each other, so Vicky goes off to grab a few things, where Mark is left by himself, where he is then killed. After Mark is killed, Jason kills both Jeff and Sandra through double impaling. 

Vicky returns and searches the whole main cabin for Mark. She enters Jeff and Sandra's room and finds the two of them dead, where she finds Jason, wearing a burlap sac over his head. She does not have chance to run, for she is killed off. 

          Paul and Ginny return to find Jason waiting for them. Paul is knocked unconscious, while Ginny battles Jason by herself. She runs into the cabin where the cop was last seen and finds what the cop had found: Mrs. Voorhees' gray sweater and Mrs. Voorhees' rotting head. Ginny grabs the sweater, puts it on, and acts out as Mrs. Voorhees, but Jason knows better. Soon, Paul enters, where Ginny and Paul seemingly kill Jason. As they head back to Ginny's cabin, they find Muffin, Terri's dog, safe and sound. As Ginny goes to pick up Muffin, Jason comes busting through the window, grabbing Ginny. Ginny awakes the next morning, and finds that they paramedics are taking her to the hospital, where she'll be safe. 

          Now, I do remember telling you that camping is out of the question. So, put away your camping gear. But while you are waiting, watch Friday The 13th: Part 2 if you enjoyed the first.

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          - This film has one of the longest pre-credit sequences in cinematic history, nearly 15 minutes in some versions. 

          - The killer in this film is dressed to look exactly the same as the killer from The Town That Dreaded Sundown

          - The odd, abrupt ending in which Paul apparently disappears was not originally scripted, but was a result of actor John Furey quitting the production before his concluding scenes were filmed (in the following sequel it is made clear that Ginny was the sole survivor). 

          - A shot of the infamous double-impalement was cut to avoid an "X" rating, yet a still of this censored shot appears on the back of the videocassette box. 

          - The lead character Ginny Field was named after Virginia Field, who was the production designer on both the first two Friday the 13th films. 

          - Throughout the final scene, the mummified head of Mrs. Voorhees is noticeably an actress wearing makeup rather than a fake head. The final shot is a close-up of the head, ending in a freeze frame before the credits roll. Originally this shot ended with Mrs. Voorhees opening her eyes and smiling, but at the last minute Steve Miner decided this effect was hokey and cheapened the movie's impact.

          - During the climactic fight between Jason and Ginny, Jason raises the mattock to block Ginny's machete swing. Amy Steel said that during the first take, the timing was wrong and she accidentally hit Warrington Gillette's finger, causing him to have to go to the emergency room. After his finger was stiched up, he returned to set that night and insisted they complete the scene.




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