Alice Hardy - Corpse shows a long, slender shaped weapon was used to puncture her temple. An ice pick found nearby was confirmed to be the murder weapon. The pick had a crushing effect on the skull before it entered into her brain matter. This would have caused her body to go into shock instantly. Dead on Arrival.
          Crazy Ralph - Lacerations and ligature marks found around the neck are consistent with being strangled with barbwire. A tree might have been placed between the victim and attacker because multiple splinters were found imbedded in the victims back. This man was known for being a bit strange. Dead on Arrival.
          Deputy Winslow - Extreme trauma to the back of the skull. Markings around the wound and the two pronged hole indicates a nearby hammer as the murder weapon. Police headquarters received this deputies last transmission from the local camp approximately an hour before he was murdered. Dead on Arrival.
          Scott Cheney - When this victim was found, he was hanging from a tree with a rope around his legs. The fashion that the rope was tied is commonly used as a trap that hunters use. Normally the trap is quite small, for catching rabbits and squirrel but this was obviously much bigger. Throat has been slashed. Dead on Arrival.
          Terri Shevel - The facts surrounding this case are still being investigated. Campers report she was going to the lake to enjoy some skinny dipping when she disappeared. Her mutilated corpse was found in an abandoned shed approximately one mile from the camp. Vaginal swabs shows she was suffering from gonorrhea. Dead on Arrival.
          Mark Jefferson - A motorcycle accident caused this man to be paralyzed from the waist down when he was 15 years old. He was found at the bottom of the camps east staircase with a machete deeply imbedded in his skull. The blow entered the brain causing instant paralysis and seizures. No other injuries apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Jeffrey Dunsberry - It appears this man was killed during intercourse. Swabs taken around the penis shows traces of semen and vaginal fluids. A slender puncture wound was inflicted through the back, severing the spinal cord. Body then hung in the nearby closet with a bloody bed sheet. Dead on Arrival.
          Sandra Dier - Killed during intercourse with the above victim. The same slender puncture wound is seen on her torso indicating the weapon passed through her lover then through her chest. The wound caused many of the internal organs to rupture causing her to bleed to death. Pregnancy tests are still pending. Dead on Arrival.
          Vicky Kalma - Single stab wound to the abdomen. Knife passed through the stomach and entered a kidney causing toxins to enter the blood stream. This added to the already massive bleeding caused death to occur quicker. Body was found in an upstairs room of the camp with the above two victims. Dead on Arrival.
          Paul Holt - Information surrounding this mans disappearance is slim. He was last seen at a local bar enjoying drinks with friends. It's suspected he returned to the camp and discovered the many corpses that littered the area. Perhaps the killer found him and decided to dispose of a potential witness. Case will remain open. Presumed dead.

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