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          Join our old friend, the rotting creep himself, as he introduces this horror anthology which presents gruesome looks at his latest tales of horror...a hit-and-run driver in "The Hitchhiker", a wooden Indian in "Ol' Chief Wooden Head", and "The Raft", concerning four friends whose vacation on a secluded lake turns into a nightmare.

"I've never seen someone so impatient Billy."
                  - The Creep

          This film is, of course, the sequel to Creepshow. It includes three stories this time, the first story of which is the worst of both films. It revolves around some young hooligans who brutally murder an elderly storekeeping couple, only to be served a dose of "frontier justice" by none other than the cigar-store wooden indian which stands outside. How can he move? What gave him the power? Who knows, the movie didn't explain. Perhaps if this segment had been a bit shorter, and perhaps had a bit of history telling where the indian got his power from, it would have been more entertaining. As it stands it was quite dull, but the final scenes where the indian takes his revenge was fairly entertaining by itself. It didn't seem to have that "EC comics twist" like the other parts did- that is, some little bite in the ass to jolt you. The original movie had some of these, like the scene in the Father's Day tale where it was revealed exactly what the undead father had on his silver platter- his "father's day cake." I won't give it away, because I hope you will see the first one and be surprised.
          The second story, called "The Raft," is pretty good but encounters one of the problems that this segment and the next encounters- sex. No, I am not opposed to sex in movies, but in this series it is uncalled for. These stories are supposed to be in a comic book a young kid is reading, and I find it doubtful that the store would sell a kid this young something with such nudity and explicit adult material. That's not the worst of it- the sex in this segment was completely stupid and needless. The story was about several teens who go out for a swimming party- and get trapped on a wooden raft in the middle of the water, surrounded by a black mass that reminds me of the movie, The Blob. The sexual scene happens after all but the main character and one girl are dead, and she is sleeping as he stands guard. For no apparent reason other than he was a teenager, he decides to take a peek at her breasts by lifting her shirt up. It wasn't just a quick look, which may have been acceptable- it was quite a stare and in fact was a bit more than a look. Still, despite this flaw, the story is entertaining and has an ending quite like the original film's tales. Like most of these stories, the hero gets it in the end and of course, also like these stories, he deserved what he got.
          The third and final story is one that is very chilling. A woman leaving a male prostitute's house hits a hitch-hiker on the way home. She had told her husband she was over a friend's house, so of course if she called the police he would find out she lied. So she leaves the man there to die and takes off. As can be expected, the hitch-hiker returns from the dead and seeks revenge. The main problem with this story is not the sexual aspect but the ending. Yeah, she gets killed, but so what? There was nothing spectacular or bloodcurdling, or indeed shocking about her death. Her husband simply finds her corpse. Now, maybe if she had been run over a few dozen times, that would have been something. Actually, there was a slight variation on the death which did very little to add shock, which was that she was holding the hitch-hiker's sign.

          Between each story is the continuing adventures of Billy. I don't know if this is supposed to be the same loveable Billy who tortured his dad in the first movie, or if they simply forgot there were kids' names other than Billy, I don't know. It is a different actor when he's there, but most of the time he is a cartoon, as is the rest of the between-story segments. I think the major problem with the film was that Stephen King and George Romero wanted to make it but simply didn't feel like putting any effort into it. It almost looks like an unfinished project- if the film had a little bit more effort put into the first story and had two more stories, maybe they would have balanced out the first story. In addition, the first film was written by Stephen King and directed by George Romero. This film was written by George Romero (but based on stories by King) and directed by someone new. Perhaps if it had been written by King and directed by Romero, and had two more stories, perhaps we would be on Creepshow 4 or 5 by now. But instead, the series was ended prematurely with this film. I really would have loved to see a new film every few years, with more delightful stories by the master of horror, Stephen King. Still, the movie is enjoyable if you can wade through the first story and try not to get too upset watching the cartoon interludes.

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          - During the second segment, The Raft, Laverne is wearing a shirt from Horlicks University, the same university stenciled on The Crate from the first Creepshow.

          - At the start of the third segment, The Hitchhiker, several Stephen King novels are visible in the bedroom, on the headboard of the bed.

          - Deke and Randy call each other by nicknames "Poncho" and "Syscho". These two characters were on the movie that was playing the first story Ol' Chief Wooden Head.

          - Although the film consists of only three short horror stories, there were originally five written. One of those not used, The Cat from Hell was later filmed in the similar anthology film Tales From The Darkside: The Movie released in 1990.

          - David Holbrook appears in Segment Ol' Chief Wooden Head. His father Hal Holbrook starred in the original Creepshow.

          - Tom Savini, the makeup special effects artist for the first Creepshow, plays The Creep.

          - Barbara Eden was originally cast as the hit-and-run driver during the hitchhiker episode, but had to drop out during the first few days of shooting. Lois Chiles was recast in the role.




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