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          Martha Spruce - This woman's corpse was found in her families corner store approximately 12 hours after death. Death was caused after being shot in the right rib-cage, point-blank with a 12-guage shotgun. 37 separate balls of buckshot were removed during autopsy. Body shows signs of early stages of alzheimers. Dead on Arrival.
          Ray Spruce - Husband of the above victim, also shot in the chest with a 12-guage shotgun. Lack of gun powder burn around the wound shows a range of 5-10 feet between the attacker and the victim at the time the shot occurred. Found slumped over a sack of potatoes near his wife in the store they built together. Dead on Arrival.
          Fatso Gribbens - Found pinned to his Lazy-Boy chair riddled with three expert shot arrows. First arrow passed through his 7th and 8th rib, second arrow punctured through his left hand into his chest and the fatal arrow entered through the center of the forehead and pinned his head to the chair. Morbid obesity is apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Andy Cavanaugh - Multiple hatchet wounds to the back, neck, buttox and thighs. Body was found by his parents, Donald and Nancy Cavanaugh, after they were unable to locate him for dinner. It appears the attacker vandalized this man's Firebird before leaving him dead on top of it. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Sam Whitemoon - This young man's uncle, Ben Whitemoon, found his bloody body approximately 15 hours after death occurred. His head has been scalped in the form his ancestors did to their enemies. His scalp/hair was found grasped in the hand of a wooden statue of a Native American in front of Spruce's General Store. Dead on Arrival.

          Rachel Hannah - Grabbed by a strange, black blob of some type floating in a small lake called the Mill Pond in Jordan, Minnesota. Sources report she was touching the black mass when it shot up and grabbed her arm, pulling her into the pond. The acidic pores on the blob began to melt her flesh and she died from shock. Dead on Arrival.
          Deke Satterfield - Wood splinters in this man's legs and groin show he was pulled through the bottom of a raft that he and his friends were visiting. The left leg has been dislocated from the hip due to the small size of the hole he ws pulled through. Hair samples show traces of THC in the man's system. Dead on Arrival.
          Laverne Green - This beautiful young woman was also the victim of the unknown blob in the Mill Pond. Some people say the man she was on the raft with, Randy Beer, was supposed to be watching the unknown killer but fell asleep. It soon crept up under the raft and attached itself to her face. Dead on Arrival.
          Randy Beer - Was attempting to escape the large "oil slick" in the pond and seemed to have succeeded when it lunged at him and dragged him back into the water. Acidic spores did their job breaking down the fatty tissue and he was consumed. Was spotted at the same pond a week earlier on a geology field trip. Dead on Arrival.

          The Hitchhiker - Struck and killed by a passing motorist. A truck driver that was passing reported seeing a car speed by him with it's lights off just before finding the body. Apparently the victim was attempting to hitch a ride to nearby Dover when he was hit. Markings on the guard rails suggest the impact was an accident. Dead on Arrival.
          Annie Lansing - Confirmed to be the hit and run suspect after blood samples from her car matched the victims. Blood of the hitchhiker was also found on her body, raising more questions. Autopsy shows broken bones in the neck consistent with other strangulation cases. Semen has also been collected from vaginal swabs. Dead on Arrival.



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