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         Everyone's favorite killer doll returns - as the Chucky legacy continues with the introduction of an all-new family member! This time around Chucky and his homicidal honey Tiffany are brought back to life by their orphan offspring, Glen. Then, the outrageous action goes Hollywood, as Chucky and his bride take Tinseltown by storm, unleashing a wild new rampage of murderous mayhem!

"Come to papa!"
          - Chucky

          There's a time to put away childish things. Well, there's never a time to put away killer dolls it seems. Good reason, too. The latest outing that places supernaturally possessed Good Guy doll Chucky pairs him once again with his twisted wife Tiffany and the shockingly sweet asexual child Glen/Glenda. The family is in Hollywood for a movie being made about the events of Bride of Chucky, excluding everything that happened in that film except the fact it had one scene in a cemetery. Anyway, the plot thickens with Tiffany wanting to place her soul in Jennifer Tilly. Amazing how Tiffany's such a big fan of such a talented and angel voiced actress such as Jennifer Tilly, right? The twisted obsession Tiffany seems to have regarding Tilly marks most of the film's hilarity. Chucky takes a step back from the most memorable moments in the film. They all pretty much go to Tiffany (her obsession with Tilly, her goal to be a reformed serial killer in hopes to offer Glen/Glenda a better life) and Glen/Glenda (the constant wetting of his/her pants, the overall cute-in-a-grotesque-way appearance, and the plot twist involving its true gender). Fear not true fans of the Chuck! The character has one moment within the film that brings all five movies to a nice resting point in regards to their plots. No spoilers here.
          Just review in your mind what has occurred in each movie; what was a constant goal for him. Now that you have a vague idea, go see the movie to cheer him on in his moment of glory!
          Now the movie moves at a surreal pace. It never stops to give the characters a moment to build themselves up. Jennifer Tilly and Redman (as themselves) prove to be a weak point. They're 2-D, paper thin characters. It's during scenes with them that I got antsy, squirmy in my seat. They had no development. Tilly was a slut. Redman wasn't anything, really, but Redman. He wasn't funny in his role as director of the story of Jesus' birth and he wasn't funny as the rapper love interest of Tilly. Both fell flat compared to the only a bit more developed characters of Tiffany and Chucky. The one with the most character development is the newbie, Glen/Glenda.
          All in all, mediocre movie that excels in its pop culture stabs and absurd storyline. It is worthy just for the moment I described as Chucky's shining moment as well as anything having to do with Glen/Glenda and Tiffany's rehab for killers' storyline. I would remove points solely for Redman. If he had been replaced by someone more known and less awkward in his role as himself then the film would have been brilliant instead of excellent.
          Pick it up. Support the film to help get the powers that be to start pondering whether or not Chucky and his family should come back to haunt us all in a sixth feature film. Sadly, though, we might not see Chucky on the big screen again. The films, starting with Bride of Chucky, are beginning to have the feel of Direct-to-Video. Fingers cross this does not happen and we get another round of killer dolls in a theater near you sooner than the six years it took to make this film. 

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          - The script was originally offered to Universal in 1998, who turned it down. Focus Features (a division of Universal Studios) finally picked up the movie in 2003.

          - Filmed on the largest soundstage in Romania and the second-largest soundstange in Europe where Cold Mountain was also shot.

          - Because Focus Features has a reputation for yielding eloquent, "artsy" independent films, Rogue Pictures was created as an off-shoot to release this movie.

          - Jennifer Tilly wanted to lose weight to play herself in the movie, but she and Don Mancini inserted "fat jokes" into the script in case she didn't make it.

          - The TV spots for this movie displays an unusual disclaimer: Britney Spears Does Not Appear In This Movie. This disclaimer was inserted into TV spots because Britney's management was concerned that people might be lead to believe that Britney actually appears in the movie. It is not her in the movie; but a look-alike.

          - The wife of the man Tiffany calls to apologize to is the widow of the cop she killed at the beginning of Bride of Chucky.

          - The gender confused child of Chucky and Tiffany is named either Glen or Glenda by his parents. Glen or Glenda was Edward D. Wood Jr.'s film in which Wood himself portrayed the transvestite known as Glen or Glenda.




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