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          Claudia's Dad - This man's lifeless body was found stabbed to death at the bottom of his mansion stairs. Size of the wound suggests a standard kitchen knife was the murder weapon. Blunt force trauma was also found to the back of his head and back... the fall from the second story is to blame for these injuries. Dead on Arrival.
          Claudia's Mum - Police report this woman was found deceased on the floor of her bathroom. The running water in the shower and the fact she was found nude indicates she slipped and broke her neck on the hard floor. Considering her husband was murdered in the next room, this case has been ruled a homicide. Dead on Arrival.
          Tony Gardner - An actress named Jennifer Tilly found this man decapitated after entering the film studio's special effects room. Reports show the actress thought it was a prop for the new movie she was filming but she was extremely wrong. A thin cable found near the body has been confirmed as the murder weapon. Dead on Arrival.
          Britney Spears - Witnesses told police that this slut-bag of a pop-star was driving in her convertible when a large black Hummer cut her off. Soon after, she plunged into a nearby ravine exploding in a massive fireball. Exploration of the wreckage confirms these stories. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Pete Peters - Autopsy shows this man somehow managed to dump a bottle of Sulfuric Acid over his own head. When this form of acid touches human skin it dissolves the upper tissue layers within seconds causing sever pain and eventually cardiac arrest. This man was well known for his reporting for Celebrities Revealed. Dead on Arrival.
          Redman - One slash wound approximately four inches above the penis cause this mans bowels to spill onto the floor, ending his life. It's unknown as to how someone could have caused this injury due to the fact that he was found slumped over the dining room table with his intestines loosely hanging under it. Dead on Arrival.
          Joan Thortson - 60% of body badly burned including the face, scalp, shoulders and breasts. A standard test for accelerants found a large amount of a chemical used mainly in hair spray. Evidence points to someone using a can of hair spray and a lighter as a homemade blow torch. Dead on Arrival.
          Stan Franklin - Slight ligature marks were found around this victims wrists and ankles indicating he was restrained for some time. His body was found with an 8 inch knife protruding from the center of his chest. The knife lacerated multiple internal organs leaving him to bleed to death. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Jennifer Tilly - Although this character never really dies in the film. The original soul of this body is the death stated here. A ritual from the voodoo practice of "Gri Gri" was used to push the original soul out to let a new one in. The soul occupying this woman's body is thought to have killed many people recently. Dead on Arrival.
          Chucky - This humanized doll was found hacked to bits inside a maternity room at the Mooreville Hospital. His head and limbs were found severed from his body and spread throughout the room. Only suspect in the murder is this dolls own son. It's also suspected that the recent string of murders are connected here. Dead on Arrival.
          Fulvia Manjesco - This native of Cuba was found dead after her employer notified police. Crime scene detectives noticed the markings to the face and upper torso matched the contours of a nearby doll. It seems as though she was beaten to death with a doll. Blunt-force trauma in autopsy proves this. Dead on Arrival.



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