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          Although the Montellis are not exactly the "perfect family," at lest they've found the perfect home. And even though a liquid that looks like blood gushes from the kitchen faucet and every window has been nailed shut, it still qualifies as their dream house - until all hell breaks loose! A local priest tries to rid the house of unclean spirits, but what he doesn't yet suspect is that teenage son Sonny Montelli has been possessed, body and soul, by a murderous demon bent on total destruction.

"Sonny! Why are you doing this?"
            - Patricia Montelli

         It was expected that Hollywood would try and squeeze more money out of the hugely successful Amityville Horror after its release in 1979. What was not expected was the sequel being a complete ripoff of another supernatural horror released six years earlier, The Exorcist. But we'll get to that in a bit.
         This is a prequel to the original Amityville Horror. Remember in the first film when George Lutz was sitting at the bar with his coworker and the bartender was telling him about the night the cops came and arrested the boy who murdered his family? Well, Amityville 2 follows the story of the original murders and the event leading up to them.
         When I first saw this film, I was convinced it was going to be pure horse shit after the first 10 minutes. The acting was so corny and laughable I was ready to vomit. Fortunately, the acting became much better about 20 minutes in. The best performance was that of character Father Adamsky. played by James Olsen. It's obvious they wrote his character after Father Delaney from the original. It's seems absurd two families, one living there after the other, would seek a priest to come and bless the house after hearing a few strange noises. But that's Hollywood. Use the same formula until people loose interest.
         The family living in the house is fucked up. Extremely abusive father, overly religious mother, hyperactive youngsters and.... prepare for it.... incest. That's correct... incest. The main character, Sonny, is slowly being possessed by a demon in the house and the demon decides it wants a little of that sweet ass on his sister. Sonnys sister, Patricia, is well above the age to know letting your brother slip his heat-seeking-moisture-missile into her smelly places is unacceptable behavior. She's 15 for fuck sake and she just lays back and enjoys! Does something seem wrong with that picture? The actress, Diane Franklin, looks amazingly similar to Rachel Weisz. Take a look here.
         Lets talk about this blatant Exorcist ripoff, shall we? It's so obvious they should've just called the film The Exorcist Vs. The Amityville Horror House. At least they wouldn't have been lying. Does this formula seem familiar?

                Child becomes possessed, priest approaches his superiors to ask for permission for an exorcism, superiors say no, possession continues to get worse, low raspy voice begins saying creepy things around the child, child begins to deform into a hideous looking child/demon, body begins showing letters in the skin (pleading for help), demon plays mind games with priest (causing him to see what is not there), priest grabs child and repeatedly screams, "COME INTO MEEEE!"

         Sound like The Exorcist? Well, everything in the list above is in Amityville 2. If I was William Friedkin, the lawsuits would've been flying like pastries into Rosie O'Donnells fat pie-hole. Such unoriginality and disrespect to a classic such as The Exorcist should be punished without question.
         Amityville Horror 2 isn't the worst film I've seen, but it's definitely not a film to purchase unless you're a dedicated fan to the original Amityville Horror. Perhaps then you can find it's redeeming qualities.

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          - Near the end of the movie when Sonny returns to the home and is in his now vacated room. There is a poster from the movie Rocky hanging on the wall. Burt Young was a costar in the Rocky franchise.

          - The eldest son is in his room, listening to a Sony Walkman. The movie is set in 1974; the walkman was not introduced until the late 1970s.

          - Although the story is supposed to be set in 1974, we see a lot of 1982 cars.

          - Grossed $11,328,000 in the United States

          - When Sonny surprises the priest at the Amityville house by flying across the room you can see the string on Sonny's back.

          - When the family goes to the church and leaves the eldest son there, the son is being chased around the house by "something". When he enters the living room, the camera raises above him, and you can see someone from the crew standing behind the wall in the bottom left corner.



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