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          John Lawrence - This man was one of the leading members of the resistance fighters. His face was well known across Los Angeles as being the "mysterious man who would fade in and out of television programs." His badly beaten body was found near the church which housed their headquarters. Dead on Arrival.
          Reverend Jacques - Witnesses saw this elderly preacher being beaten by police officers, along with the above victim. Autopsy shows massive internal bleeding was caused by the beating and skull fractures are also apparent. The fact that this man was blind makes this murder especially cold. Dead on Arrival.
          2 Alley Police Officers (extra-terrestrial) - Both bodies found in an alley way, adjacent to Ridge Valley Bank. Autopsies show a single gunshot wound to each officer, one through the upper right chest and the other to the center chest. One officer was missing his hand-gun, it's assumed this was used as the murder weapon. Dead on Arrivals.
          5 Bank Employees (extra-terrestrial) - All five victims were found with massive damage to the internal organs, sustained from shotgun blasts. Witnesses reported a white man entered the bank with a shotgun and said something about, "chewing bubble gum and kicking ass." He then began shooting. All dead on arrival.
          16 Resistance Members - The majority of deaths were caused by automatic gunfire and shotgun blasts. These wounds caused instant death in most cases but some would have inevitably suffered from slow internal bleeding. Four victims were found with burns and blunt-force trauma, indicating an explosion. All died on the scene.
          21  S.W.A.T. Officers (extra-terrestrial) - Deaths caused from an array of different firearms. The local resistance fighters were stockpiling weapons in an attempt to revolt. The survivors from the headquarters raid grabbed what weapons they could and returned fire. The noted deaths soon followed. All dead on arrival.
          8 Cable 54 Employees (extra-terrestrial) - Witnesses told authorities two men entered the studio and began firing. One told police, "It seemed they were choosing certain people to kill." This was later found to be true. All victims killed by automatic gunfire. No other information at this time. All dead on arrival.
          Frank Richardson - Body found one floor below the roof of the Cable 54 building. A gunshot wound to the head, entering through the right side of the skull, caused instant death. Powder burns, or stippling, was found surrounding the wound, indicating a point-blank, execution style murder. Dead on Arrival.
          Holly Thompson - This woman's charred remains were located after the local fire department responded to a fire on the Cable 54 skyscraper. Autopsy shows the cause of death was from a single gunshot wound to the chest. The explosions from the fire that followed nearly incinerated her limbs. Dead on Arrival.
          Nada - Death caused by a massive explosion on top of the Cable 54 skyscraper. Soot found in the lungs shows he was alive for a short while before being consumed by the flames. Seven gunshot wounds were also found to the lower abdomen, presumably from automatic gun fire. Body badly burned. Dead on Arrival.



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