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          Katie Embry - This victim was found deceased in her bedroom closet, somewhat bloated with water and rotten. She was found by her mother who searched for answers on why her healthy daughters heart suddenly stopped. She found no satisfying answers. The victims friend was institutionalized after the incident. Dead on arrival.
          3 of Katie Embry's friends - These three teenagers all mysteriously died on the same night and around the same time as Katie Embry. Other teenagers told reporters they had all traveled to a remote cabin a week earlier and viewed a strange video tape. One boy died in a fall and the other two died in a car collision. All dead on arrival.
          Purebred Stallion - For unknown reasons, this Stallion spooked to the point of breaking out of his trailer. This horse tore a path of destruction through the ferry on which it was being transported before leaping over the side, into the waters below. Witnessed watched as it was dragged through the large propellers of the ferry. Corpse not found.
          Richard Morgan - Cause of death has been ruled a suicide. His lifeless body was found in a bathtub in his isolated farmhouse. Method of suicide was electrocution. Multiple electronic devices were plugged together and dropped into the bathtub in which he was standing. Some felt he was distraught over his deceased wife and daughter. Dead on arrival.
          Samara Morgan - Murdered by her own mother. The attack occurred near the water well on their county farm. The young girl was asphyxiated with a bag before being dropped into the well and entombed to die. Child would've drowned within minutes. The body was never recovered due to lack of knowledge about the murder.
          Noah Clay - Bloated corpse located in his studio apartment on the corner of Lyndale and Hennipen. The amount of bloating due to water saturation is still a mystery. It seems at though the water seeped through his flesh while sitting in his office chair. Autopsy also shows shards of glass embedded in the palms of his hands. Dead on arrival.



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