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         On a red-eye flight across the country, a small group of passengers awakens mid-journey to discover that they have slipped through a hole in the universe. Unimaginable evil awaits if they don't find a way back... and they are literally running out of time.

"The later it gets, the later it gets."
              - Bethany Simms

         I know many people think the made-for-TV Stephen King adaptions are crap, but I disagree. I feel most of them are a part of Stephen King history and should be respected... even if just for that fact. Some are less effective than others, but they all have their own appeal in one way or another. The Langoliers is no different.

         We find ourselves on a Lockheed passenger aircraft after all but 9 passengers (who were asleep at the time) disappear into thin air. Leaving behind earrings, watches, pacemakers and other assorted personal items. The remaining passengers discover they have passed through a rip-in-time causing them to be placed back in time by approximately 1 day. After landing at Bangor International Airport, they discover an abandoned world with a mysterious rumbling for off to the East. It turns out, this rumbling is caused by an army of creatures who's sole purpose is to devour the past. Before the army of "Langoliers" arrive the group must attempt to fly back through the time-rip, hopefully sending them back to their original time.

         The Langoliers is one of those films which is a required taste. Similar to Stephen King's: Cujo, it is mainly set inside a vehicle. This time being a large passenger aircraft instead of a small family vehicle. So it goes without saying that this film is based more on character development and a mysterious situation rather than action-packed death and gore. But that doesn't dampen the enjoyment for me. There is still plenty of suspense and a few death scenes to satisfy my horror thirst.
         The cast was chosen quite well for a made-for-TV film. In particular, David Morse (who has been in many Stephen King films such as The Green Mile and Hearts in Atlantis), Dean Stockwell (from the ever popular Quantum Leap) and Bronson Pinchot (who you might remember from Perfect Strangers back in the late 80's and early 90's). The cast for The Langoliers had to be cast well or the character development would have failed miserably. Not that the acting is 100%, but it holds its own. Bronson Pinchot, playing the absolutely insane Craig Toomey, is absolutely amazing with his role. He makes many other insane characters look like Strawberry Shortcake. I wish I could track him down for an interview.
         One aspect of the film is absolutely awful. What could it be? The graphic animation of the monsters at the end of the film. I realize it was the mid-90's when they filmed but come on people! The creatures are created with that animation you normally see on daytime TV commercials advertising some awful community college or a power wheelchair. It's the animation used for businesses that don't have the money for anything better. Take a look for yourself in the pictures section!

         Besides the animation, The Langoliers is an enjoyable film. It has that 90's filming style with many memorable faces which combine into an adventure which will have you guessing until the end. Those who are a fan of Stephen King will particularly like this film, unless you're not a fan of the book-to-film projects, but there is something for everyone in The Langoliers.

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          - When Dean Stockwell's character says that it is not possible to travel through time, he mentions stopping the Kennedy assassination. In Quantum Leap, Dean Stockwell's character helped Sam (Scott Bakula) try to stop the Kennnedy assassination through time travel.

          - The aircraft used in the movie is a Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar (N31018) belonging to the now defunct Trans World Airlines.

          - In the scene were Craig Toomey hallucinates that he is in a board meeting on the runway, the man at the head of the table asking him how much money he has made for the company is Stephen King. (see picture)

          - When the survivors are waiting in LAX for time to catch up, there is a shot where you they are standing in front of the windows of the terminal. People can clearly be seen walking around in the next terminal through the windows behind them.

          - Filmed at Bangor International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.



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