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          Madame Zena - This woman's body was found in the back room of a funhouse which she was traveling with. Bruising to the neck and upper torso indicates that manual strangulation was the cause of death. Traces of semen was found on her right hand which suggests she had a sexual encounter with her killer. Dead on Arrival.
          Richie Collins - Autopsy on this victim shows multiple sever injuries. Ligature marks to the neck indicates that this man was hung execution style but was not killed. Cause of death occurred when an axe was plunged into his the back of his skull. His corpse was located seated in one of the funhouse carts. Dead on Arrival.
          Liz Frankfurt - This woman was found with massive slash wounds to her face, chest, and back. Sources report that a monster with large claws had been spotted around the funhouse. The slash wounds on the body is consistent with other claw marks I've seen through the years. No other injuries apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Barkers - Found hanging from a over sized sword in his family owned funhouse. Bruises to the face are consistent with a fight or brawl which were probably caused by the man who killed him. No other injuries can be seen but a further autopsy will reveal any internal injuries. This file is still open. Dead on Arrival.
          Buzz Conway - Circumstances surrounding this young mans death are still unknown. Autopsy shows a deep puncture wound to the right torso. This object pierced this man between the third and fourth ribs and punctured his right lung. Massive amounts of blood was found internally suggesting this man died choking on his own blood. Dead on Arrival.
          The Monster - Blood cell build up around a wound on the back shows that it was not the cause of death. Massive burns on the right hand are consistent with electrical shock. Death occurred after he was dragged into the gears of his fathers funhouse ride. Internal organs have been severed due to the massive pressure. Dead on Arrival.



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