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          Ronny Brock - This young man was involved in a traffic accident on a small Texas road. Witnesses claim he stood from the can and told them he was not hurt. He then collapsed into a coma. Apparently someone stopped to help and ended up killing this victim. Neck has been savagely broken in three places. Dead on Arrival.
          Sean Kingsley - When this victims corpse was found, it was apparent how his life ended. Multiple compound fractures are found through the entire body. Most are concentrated around the torso and ribs. Tire tread bruises indicate a large truck or jeep was used to drive over the body until he expired. Dead on Arrival.
          Barry Rodchester - Autopsy shows multiple blunt-force trauma wounds to the skull and shoulders. Markings and size of the wounds suggest a large hammer was used as the murder weapon. Blood tests show a .06 level of alcohol and THC. It's suspected he went looking for help after a car accident. Dead on Arrival.
          Heather Hutchins - It seems that this teenage woman went through the most punishment during her ordeal. Broken nose, 3rd degree burns to the back, multiple hair-line fractures and head trauma are all seen. Semen was collected from vaginal swabs which matched the DNA of the above victim. Dead on Arrival.
          Vilmer Sawyer - This unusual case occurred when a woman that this man was attacking was running through a field to escape him. Apparently a crop dusting plane swooped from the sky and clipped his head with the propeller. The pilot is still unknown but detectives are investigating. Upper section of skull and brain missing. Dead on Arrival.



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