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          Unknown Victim - White female, approximately 5' 10", 155 pounds. This young woman went missing after she went on a road trip with some friends. He corpse was found at the bottom of a swamp, tied to rocks,  in middle Texas. A single wound to the face was the cause of death. Wound seems to have been inflicted by a sledge hammer. Dead on Arrival.
          Kim Shatnell - A friend of the above victim, this girl was also on the road trip when she went missing. Also found in the swamp with her friend. Autopsy shows a chainsaw was used to cause massive tissue damage to the abdomen and chest. Death was caused from multiple organs failing and blood loss. Dead on Arrival.
          Ryan McArther - This man's body was never found but it's safe to say that he is dead. Police raided an isolated farmhouse in middle Texas and discovered a large amount of blood. DNA tests show the majority of the blood was this victims. The average human cannot sustain that much blood-loss and survive. Case remains open.
          Mama - Body found when police raided the isolated farmhouse that she and her family were living in. Two gunshot wounds to the chest cause massive internal bleeding which slowly killed her over 20 minutes. Police records show a long history of crime and mental disorders. Psychosis seems to have followed her through life.  Dead on Arrival.
          Granpaw - Autopsy of this elderly man's body shows he was much older than anyone expected. Liver samples show his age was between 105 and 115. Corpse shows signs of gunshot wounds to the face which destroyed the frontal face features. This suggests he was involved in cannibalism before his death. Dead on Arrival.
          Tinker - This man was well known around Last Chance as being a pervert that considered women nothing more than meat. Police have received many complaints from his gas station claiming he's been peeping in on women using the bathroom. Body was found in the desert with two shotgun wounds to the chest. Dead on Arrival.



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