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          Rick the Prick - The only evidence this young man was in an accident that included his friend, was the hologram glasses he was known to wear. The remainder of his body was so mutilated that DNA analysis had to be used to separate his pieces from the wreak. A recording from local KOKLA might hold the accident. Dead on Arrival.
          One Willie Buzz - Texas Rangers suspect this young man was visiting Texas for a football game when he crashed his car. Other investigators feel this is just another of the chainsaw-like mass murders that have plagued Texas for the past 10 years. Top of head has been severed and multiple broken bones from the crash. Dead on Arrival.
          L.G. McPeters - This victim went missing from his workplace, the KOKLA radio station, after he had last been seen at a local fast food chain. He was found with his skin missing from 80% of his body. Autopsy into the skull shows multiple blunt-force injuries which have the patterns of a hammer. Dead on Arrival.
          Leatherface - This strange man's corpse was found in the depths of an old amusement park called "Texas Battle Land." His body was badly mangled from a grenade that exploded underneath him. The blast passed though a wooden table placing multiple wood shards in his flesh. Massive damage to the ribcage is also visible. Dead on Arrival.
          Drayton Sawyer - This man is suspected to have pulled the pin on the grenade that killed the majority of his family. Blood trails around the area of the explosion suggest he was injured before killing himself. Known for being the grand champion (two years) of the Texas OU Chili cookout in Dallas, Texas. Dead on Arrival.
          Lieutenant 'Lefty' Enright - Newspapers have heckled this man for approximately ten years for his obsession with finding the killer of his nephew, Franklin Hardesty. His mutilated body was found at the Texas Battle Land. It's suspected that he tracked the Sawyer family to their hideout where he was killed. Dead on Arrival.
          Grandpa - Autopsy of this elderly man's body shows he was much older than anyone expected. Liver samples show his age was between 105 and 115. Blood found around and inside the mouth matches one of the victims he helped violate. This suggests he was involved in cannibalism before his death. Dead on Arrival.
          Chop Top - A Sawyer family member, this man died from multiple injuries including: jagged lacerations to the chest, multiple cuts around the neck area and 17 compound fractures due to a high fall. This victim has a steel plate connected to the right side of his skull, presumably from sustaining massive head trauma in the past. Dead on arrival.



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