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          Tiana Moore - #8 surgical steel needle used to pierce her face, breasts, and genitals. Body was found in the trunk of her car with her mouth sown shut and submerged in a nearby lake. Autopsy shows this young woman died from cardiac arrest... in smaller terms, she was tortured until she deceased. Dead on Arrival.
          Madeline Roth - Evidence shows this woman was getting prepared for a night of love making when her attacker broke in and slit her throat. The small amount of cauterization around the wound shows that it took 10-15 minutes for this victim to die. Other injuries include a broken nose and bruising to the right side of the face. Dead on Arrival.
          Carleton Hendricks - Police report that this mentally disturbed man was killed after attacking a police officer. Autopsy shows 98% of third degree burns to the body and other non-lethal injuries that were cause before death. Those injuries include a ripped septum and a large hook-like puncture to the middle back. Dead on Arrival.



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