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          Adam McCarthy - Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the left torso. The bullet punctured his left lung and lodged in his spleen. He was kept alive on life-support for three weeks but died due to complications. His reasoning for committing suicide is still under investigation but there are rumors circulating. Died at hospital.
          Samantha Kozac - Raped and murdered by two assailants. The murder weapon was a plastic bag but the motive is still unclear. Seems that she was lured into a apartment then attacked without cause. Other injuries include two missing teeth, 5th right finger missing the finger nail, and small abrasions to the face. Body found six months later.
          Kurt Damon - Cause of death: three gunshot wounds to the upper back. Victim was shot when he and his father attacked a local couple. Also found were three hairline fractures to the right mandible and a small amount of alcohol was found in his system. Weapon used to attack the couple was found in his hand... a fireplace poker. Dead on Arrival.
          Harry Damon - Four gunshot wounds to the upper and lower chest sealed this man's fate. Also found was a knife thrust through the top of his left foot and imbedded into the floor. Finding a small amount of white blood cell build up around the wound shows that this occurred before the man was shot. Dead on Arrival.



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