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          - The townspeople singing about Ichabod.

          - Ichabod teaching a voice lesson.

          - For in the hour of late, Vantassel always called upon his guests to tell him ghostly tales of Halloween..... and Brom knew there was no more firm, potent believer in spooks and goblins than Ichabod Crane.

          - Just gather round and I'll elucidate on what goes on what goes on outside when it gets late, long about midnight the ghosts and banshees get together for their nightly jamboree.  There's things with horns and saucer eyes, some with fangs about this size.  Some are fat, and some are thin, and some don't even wear their skin.  Oh I'm telling you brother it's a frightful sight, to see what goes on Halloween night!

          - It was the very witching hour of night when Ichabod pursued his travel home.  The sky drew darker and darker as one by one the stars weeped out their lights and driving clouds obscured the moon from sight.  Never had the schoolmaster felt so melancholy, so utterly alone, and the nearer he approached the hollow the more dismal he became.

          - Once inside the murky glen Ichabod's anxiety increased to 100 fold.  Now the forest seemed to close in behind him.  Every small detail of Brom's awful story returned to haunt his recollection.

          - Ichabod loosing his sanity then meeting the Headless Horsemen.

          - The next morning Ichabod's hat was found, and close beside it a shattered pumpkin.  But there was no trace of the school master.



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