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          Maria Nicastro - Witnesses report this woman was being chased by a garbage truck and disappeared into an alley. Blood markings around the impact area suggest she was hit, dragged around to the back and thrown into the hydraulic press. Body found in city dump with grill marks in her face and multiple crushed bones. Dead on Arrival. 
          Tawny Richards - This reporters corpse was found near Camp Rolling Hills where she was covering a story. Co-workers tell us she was a heavy cocaine user and her love for drugs led to her death. The bag of "drugs" she bought was actually a mixture of household chemicals. Holes in sinuses, instant brain damage. Dead on Arrival.
          Herman Miranda - It's suspected this man was having a sexual encounter with the below victim when he was killed. Markings to his neck, upper chest and back points to a large stick being the weapon. The weapon was ultimately used to impale him through the mouth. Spinal cord severed from the skull. Dead on Arrival.
          Jan Hernandez - Body found burned beyond recognition in her camping tent. Dental records were needed to make a positive identification. Further autopsy shows a cracked skull caused by a long weapon of some kind. (A stick is suspected.) Other campers claim she was not well liked by the others. Dead on Arrival.
          Peter Doyle - This camper was well know for taunting people with firecrackers. Police theorize the killer had enough of his practical jokes and used a Blackcat to blow off his face. Missing cartilage and bone around the face confirm this. Body burnt beyond recognition from being set aflame. Dead on Arrival.
          Snowboy - Autopsy shows massive blunt force trauma to the upper cranium and left of the skull. Damage to the temporal lobe rendered him unconscious but did not initially kill him. Soot in the lungs shows he was alive when set alight. Body burnt beyond recognition. Dead on Arrival.
          Arab Terashita - Found decapitated with an axe. By the time law enforcement officials delivered her corpse to the morgue, her chest cavity had been infested by beetles. Wound to the neck suggests one massive blow which severed the spinal cord. Head found approximately five feet away. Dead on Arrival.
          Cindy Hammersmith - Crime scene suggests the camps flag pole was used to end this woman's life. The rigging was found attached to her belt which is assumed to have been used to lift her approximately 20 feet off the ground where she was dropped.  Skull suffered massive damage from the brutal fall. Dead on Arrival.
          Lilly Miranda - Copious amount of dirt found on the victims body and a large hole found nearby suggests this elderly woman was buried alive. Her missing head and brain pulp found in and around the lawnmower indicates her head was left protruding before it was removed with the lawnmower. Dead on Arrival.
          Bobby Stark - This young man's mangled body was found near one of the cabins with his arms ripped clean from the sockets. Tire tracks found nearby suggests he was tied with his hands around the tree and the rope was attached to the vehicle which dearmed him.  Still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Riff - Tent spike found jammed into his right hand, blunt force trauma to the head and a second tent spike found imbedded in his back. X-rays and examination if the blunt force trauma suggests a hammer was used. Small plastic shards of plastic were found in the tent spike wound to the back which was matched to his tent. Dead on Arrival.
          Barney Whitmore - A local policeman, this man was bent on finding the killer of his son. (Sean Whitmore from the previous film.) He was found hanging from a large oak tree by his ankles. Death was caused from two gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the abdomen. Massive internal bleeding. Dead in Arrival.
          Greg Nakashima - A homemade rig constructed out of camping tools and sheet metal was used to kill this man. An axe connected to the swinging mechanism landed a direct blow to his ribcage causing massive internal injuries. Death occurred from internal bleeding and shock. Dead on Arrival.
          Anita Burcham - A homemade rig constructed out of camping tools and sheet metal was used to kill this woman. An axe connected to the swinging mechanism landed a direct blow to her ribcage causing massive internal injuries. Death occurred from internal bleeding and shock. Dead on Arrival.
          Harry Portsmen (EMT) - Air bubbles in the heart, found during the autopsy, shows a 16-gauge needle was used to puncture the ribcage and penetrate the heart. This type of wound renders death very quickly due to the bodies inability to discard air bubbles from the blood stream. They literally clogged his arteries. Dead on Arrival.
          Officer John Johnson - The 16-gauge needle used to kill the above victim was also used to attack this man. The needle entered through the right eye and punctured the brain. Death occurred shortly after the injury was inflicted but he could've been saved if treated immediately. Still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.



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