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          Hester Moffet - Severed head found pickled in a storage facility. Agent Clarice Starling interviewed the feared Dr. Hannibal Lecter about the dead mans death. He claimed Mr. Moffet was a severe manic depressant that was not responding to treatment. He was soon killed and partially consumed. Dead on Arrival.
          Vedrika Vimille - No evidence was found of rape or physical abuse prior to death. This woman was the only victim to have been weighed down with rocks. Because of the weight she was the 3rd victim found. Large portions of the skin have been systematically removed as with the other cases. Dead on Arrival.
          Stacy Hubka - Washed up on the shore of Elk River, West Virginia. Star-shaped contact entrance wound above the sternum. Two fingernails on the left hand have been broken, suggesting she tried to claw her way out of something. The cocoon of a "Deaths Head Moth" was found lodged deep in her throat. Dead on Arrival.
          Lt. Bill Boyle - This 24 year veteran of the law enforcement community was assigned to guard Dr. Hannibal Lecter at the Shelby County Courthouse. His corpse was beaten with his own night-stick, gutted and hung from Hannibals cage with confederate banners. Hand-cuffs were used to bound his hands. Dead on Arrival.
          Sgt. Jimmy Pembry - Also assigned to guard Dr. Hannibal Lecter. His body had been used as a decoy by Lecter to escape the courthouse. The sergeants face was removed with a hunting knife and thrown down an elevator shaft. By the time police realized their blunder, Hannibal Lecter had escaped in an ambulance. Dead on Arrival.
          2 Ambulance Workers/Tourist - These unfortunate victims fell prey to Dr. Lecters fury after his escape from the Shelby County Courthouse. The ambulance workers were found in dead in their ambulance in a parking garage at Memphis Airport while the tourist was found later, killed for his clothes. All dead on arrival.
          Unidentified Victim - Discovered in the basement of Jame Gumbs, also known as "Buffalo Bill", small home. The approximate time elapsed since death is around four years. The victims body was placed in the bathtub and slowly rotted into a congealed mass of tissue and dead insects. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb - Shot multiple times after attempting to murder an FBI agent. This man was well known across the country for murdering, skinning and then wearing the remains of his victims. He was attempting to make a suit of women's flesh to convince himself that he's a woman. Information will be posted as it arrives. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Frederick Chilton - Much about this case is unknown. After Dr. Hannibal Lecter escaped from custody, he phoned FBI agent Clarice Starling and claimed he was, "having an old friend for dinner." Shortly after the call this man went missing and was never seen again. Police are still searching for his body. Dead on Arrival.



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