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          5 Meth Lab Gangsters - These men were involved in a drug ring which was fronted by drug lord Evelda Drumgo. The FBI were planning a drug raid on their meth lab in a water front fish market when the gangsters started shooting. All victims sustained multiple gunshot injuries causing massive internal bleeding. Dead on arrivals.
         Special Agent John Brigham - Killed during the fire fight at the ocean side fish market. The victim sustained a shotgun wound to the left shoulder before being hit by an escaping vehicle. The impact broke several bones including both of his legs, 3 ribs and multiple facial fractures. Internal laceration to the liver sealed his fate. Dead on arrival.
         Evelda Drumgo - This victim sustained a single gunshot wound to the upper chest after wielding a MAC-10 at police. Autopsy shows the bullet ripped through the right ventricle of her heart, causing immediate death. Track marks on her arms and badly rotted teeth indicates she was a heavy drug user. Dead on arrival.
          Unidentified Psychiatric Nurse - Crime video shows Dr. Hannibal Lecter attacking this woman while she was evaluating his health. A great portion of her face, including her nose, was chewn off during the attack. Dr. Lecters stomach was later pumped to retrieve the victims nose and left cheek. Dead on arrival.
         Gnocco Lo Verso - Body found in an alley with a severe puncture wound to the right of the testicles. The clean cut of the wound and the precision in which it was inflicted, leads investigators to believe a man skilled with a knife caused his death. Possibly a butcher or a doctor. Body cremated and buried. No family on record. Dead on arrival.
         Insp. Renaldo Pazzi - An ancestor of this victim, Francesco Pazzi, was hanged from the same walls as the victim was found hanging from. Victim sustained a massive laceration below the abdomen before being pushed out the window. The force of the noose snapping caused his bowels to spill onto the street below. Dead on arrival.
         Tommaso Greco - Police suspect this man was attempting the rescue Insp. Renaldo Pazzi when he was discovered by the killer. The angle of his slashed throat indicates a right-to-left motion with the blade, severing the windpipe and major blood supply to the brain. Death would have taken 10-30 seconds. Dead on arrival.
          The 3 Marescottie Brothers - During a failed attempt to unleash a specially trained pack of wild boars against Dr. Hannibal Lecter, they were confronted by Special Agent Clarice Starling. Two of the victims were shot in the chest before all three men were attacked and consumed by the ravenous animals. Dead on arrivals.
          Mason Verger - The orchestrator of the attack on Dr. Hannibal Lecter, his plan failed after being tossed into the pack of blood-thirsty boars. His wheelchair was found approximately 10 feet from where the rest of his body was found by police. Coarse hair found under the fingernails indicates he fought with the beast. Dead on arrival.
          Paul Krendler - A bone saw was used to carve off the top of the skull (skull cap) on this victim. It was later removed when Dr. Lecter was preparing a special dinner for Special Agent Starling. The brain feels no pain, so the victim would have been alive while his brain matter was being consumed. No other information. Dead on arrival.



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