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          Pete Serafinowicz - Survivors of Z-Day told authorities this man was complaining of a bite on his right hand after being mugged by a group of "crack heads." Later that morning, his flatmate found him in the upstairs shower "less than dead." He was later shot in the face at the Winchester Pub. Dead on Arrival.
          Philip Fitch - This mans wife told a witness some men attempted to break into their house. During the struggle, Mr. Fitch was bitten on the upper portion of his left arm. Shortly after this attack he was again bitten on the neck. He survived shortly after this final injury until he expired in the back of the family car. Body never found after reanimation.
          Mary Fitch - It was discovered this elderly woman was bitten on the left forearm inside the Winchester Pub. The wound was deeply infected and it was only a matter of time before she became one of the undead. Her son killed her with a single gunshot wound through the brain. Dead on Arrival.
          David Moran - DNA tests, on the large pool of blood outside the Winchester Pub, indicates this man could not have survived the amount of blood loss sustained. Witnesses report he was dragged through the window and torn to shreds by the attacking undead. No flesh or body matter found. Presumed dead.
          Dianne Davis - Circumstances surrounding this young woman's death are still unknown. She was last seen fighting her way through a mass of zombies to save her boyfriend. A section of her torso and right breast were found near the entrance to the Winchester Pub, the rest is presumed eaten. Dead on Arrival.
          Ed Frost - Multiple bite wounds caused during a mass zombie attack on the Winchester Pub. The two most notable injuries are a bite wound to the right forearm and a bite to the left shoulder which crushed the collar bone. Death occurred in the basement of the pub, but his risen corpse was found chained inside a shed. 



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