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          A wonderful collection of tales about eerie horror and dark revenge designed to captivate and enthrall readers for hours. There is a story here for every reader - tales of lovers who come back from the dead, skeletons with torn and tangled flesh who roam the earth, and people who stand on graves to be grabbed by death.

"Guaranteed to cause pleasurable shivers!"
                     - Publishers Weekly

          Come on people... there is no way you could convince me that this collection of books didn't scare the living shit out of you as a child. Pondering the days of my own self-shitting I wonder if the publishers had any idea of the impact these books would have on kids. To this day they are still printed in mass quantity and sell like hot cakes around the globe.
          Many would agree that this book in particular started their fascination and addiction to the horror genre. If you look at these short stories more closely, you see they are basically mini-scripts and with  the imagery of Stephen Gammell they send the stories to a frightfully personal level. Considering most of these stories have been passed down for centuries, I don't believe there would have been any other pair of men who could have collected and twisted these stories into this excellent compilation.
          Some highlights include a young man withering away after peering into a mysterious man's face, a preacher who dares to spend a night in a local haunted house only to be awakened by a mysterious woman, and a woman carrying her own severed head in a wicker basket for safe keeping.
          A must-have for horror fans, regardless of age!

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