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          Paul Shnider - 46 year old male found at least three weeks after his death. Death caused by massive blood loss mainly through the femoral artery. Cuts from razor-wire were so deep that investigators found traces of stomach acid on the floor beneath him. This bizarre scene marks the first of a string of murders. Dead on Arrival.
          Mark Pontious - Found naked and burnt to death in a cold damp room which was strewn with broken glass. A recorder found at the scene indicated that this man had a slow acting poison in his system and the cure was in the safe also found in the room. He had one candle and was cover in a flammable substance. Dead on Arrival.
          John Reccore - Found with the stomach removed and dissected. Blood tests show this man was injected with an overdose of opiates and was still conscious when he was killed. A witness reports that a key was in his stomach and she had to retrieve it in order to save her own life. No other injuries found. Dead on Arrival.
          Detective Steven Sing - A brilliant trap was set that ultimately ended this officers life. A trip wire was set and blended with spider webs... when the officer walked through it the trip wire set off six double-barrel shotguns above his head. Brain matter can be seen from the head wound and multiple shots also in the chest. Dead on Arrival.
          Detective David Tapp - This veteran of the Law Enforcement community was found shot to death deep in the sewer lines below 72nd Street. Some believed this man went insane after his partner was killed by the infamous "Jigsaw Killer." The bullet entered through the chest and punctured multiple internal organs. Dead on Arrival.
          Zep Hindle - Low caliber gunshot wound found to his left torso. Main cause of death was multiple blunt force trauma wounds to the head and upper chest. Weapon is suspected to be a toilet cover that was found near the corpse. Skull has been crushed to the point of brain matter being exposed.  Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Lawrence Gordon - This mans corpse was found in the hallways of a rundown sewer system. Death caused due to massive bleeding from his amputated right foot. Following the trail of blood police discovered a morbid scene of death and dementia. Along with his foot they found two other bodies. Dead on Arrival.
          Adam - It's apparent that this young man had died from being strangled. Autopsy showed trace evedence of thin plastic which was used as the murder weapon. Police report he was found chained to a pipe with a gunshot wound to the right shoulder. Although he bled extensively... this did not kill him. Dead on Arrival.



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