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          Troy Chevez - Spent most of his live in prison. Video evidence shows the killer required him to rip the hooks from his body to escape a bomb placed nearby. The bomb was concealed inside a large jar that contained hundreds of bolts, nails and razor blades. Body blown to pieces. Dead on Arrival.
         Detective Kerry Meyer - Crime scene shows the device that killed this woman was surgically implanted and hook into her ribcage. After she was unable to unhook the device, the contraption detonated, tearing her rib cage in two. Right hand severely burned from the acid placed above her. Dead on Arrival.
          Danica Scott - Lifeless body found nude, chained by the wrists and frozen with a thick layer of ice coated over her corpse. Autopsy shows she died from severe hypothermia and cardiac arrest. It was later found that she was a witness to a hit and run of a young boy 3 years earlier. Dead on Arrival.
         Timothy Young - Found with a 12-guage shotgun injury to the left side of the face. Pellets were mainly lodged in the skull but some penetrated into the brain. Death would have followed quickly. This man was the presiding judge over the hit and run that killed Dylan Kyle. Dead on Arrival.
         Timothy Young - A 27 year old medical student who was found inside a bizarre machine designed to twist the limbs of it's unfortunate victim. His arms and legs sustained massive fractures from the twisting before his neck was snapped by the machine. This man was a suspect in a hit and run case. Dead on Arrival.
          Amanda Smith - Sustained a bullet wound to the left side of the neck, severing an artery. Wounds found on the right thigh suggest she was involved in self-mutilation and track marks on her arms shows signs of drug abuse. Died from severe blood-loss. Dead on Arrival.
          John Kramer "The Jigsaw Killer" - A skill-saw to the throat severed this mans windpipe causing him to choke on his own blood. Dying from inoperable brain cancer, his body shows signs of surgery with a power drill and bone saw. The notorious Jigsaw Killer has finally met his fate. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Lynn Denlon - Large caliber gunshot wound entered this woman's back and exited through her chest. A device had been attached around her neck that contained 5 shotgun shells. It was hooked to John Kramer's heart monitor and when his heart stopped, it detonated. Head completely destroyed from the blast. Dead on Arrival.



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