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          Michael Jenkins - Many, including Law Enforcement, believed that the Jigsaw's rein of terror was finally over. They were proven wrong when this man turned up dead with the device that killed him locked to his head. Approximately 200 rusty nails were driven into his head and a key was found lodged behind his right eye. Dead on Arrival.
          Gus Nappo - The first of the trapped to die, this man was shot through the left eye while attempting to look through a peep hole. The bullet passed through the eye socket and exited through the back of the skull. 25% - 30% of brain matter was expelled from the skull. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Obi Burd - Evidence recovered from the crime scene suggests this man was partially responsible for capturing the victims trapped in the house. His badly burned corpse was found hanging out of a boiler in which he was attempting to recover some needles. Criminal background is extensive. Dead on Arrival.
          Jonas Plummer - Found with a spiked club deeply embedded in that rear of his skull. Upon further autopsy, it was discovered that one of the spikes passed through a part of the brain that controls muscle function. The impact would've instantly caused him to violently contract. No other info. Dead on Arrival.
          Laura Mitchell - The invisible and odorless poison that was being used to slowly kill the trapped victims effected this young woman faster due to her small body size. The poison quickly began shutting down vital organs which caused the victim to begin urinating blood and losing consciousness. Dead on Arrival.
          Addison Vaugier - This unfortunate victim was located on an upper level of the house dangling by the (nearly severed) wrists. The contraption she was killed by was created to trick the victim into placing their hands inside two holes where they would be caught. Death was caused due to loss of blood. Dead on Arrival.
          Xavier Rother - It's suspected this man was the cause of many of the murders in the house. A self-inflicted knife wound to the back of the neck (which removed a large amount of flesh) was found thought to have been conducted to remove a small tattoo which the killer placed on all the victims. Still being investigated. Dead on Arrival.
          Detective Eric Mathews - This detectives son was one of the trapped individuals inside the trapped house. The killer targeted the mans son to lure him into his new "game." This man was found dead with his right foot crushed and several bullet wounds in an adjacent hallway to the above victim. Dead on Arrival.



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