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          Buddy - Had to be euthanized after biting his neighbor Annie Wheaton. Buddy's owners report that buddy has never bitten anyone but must have sensed something evil in Annie. Overdose of tranquilizers injected into the carotid artery ended this dogs life. No other injuries or trauma present. Dead on Arrival.
          Kevin Bollinger - Witnesses say this young man was sent into the famous Rimbauer Mansion to take photographs of a scientific team. He was found hanging in the mirror library with a note tacked to his chest.... "Mommy I'm so scared." Injuries include a broken neck, small abrasions on upper torso and multiple bee stings. Dead on Arrival.
          Pam Asbury - Police inform us that this victim was found dead in a small pond overlooking the Rimbauer Mansion. Multiple hairline fractures found throughout the body which leads me to believe there was a struggle between this woman and her attacker. Lungs filled with pond water and algae from drowning. Dead on Arrival.
          Victor Kandinsky - Found dead outside the billiard windows partially eaten by crows. Autopsy into the heart shows this man died of extreme cardiac arrest. Fatty tissue around the left pulmonary artery shows a long history of heart troubles and minor heart-attacks. If medication had been available this man would be alive. Dead on Arrival.
          Professor Carl Miller - Evidence shows this man was attacked by his student Kevin Bollinger in the woods behind the Rimbauer Mansion. Cause of death is still under investigation. Only visible injuries are scrapes  and abrasions to the face and hands... appears to be scrapes from running through bushes or branches. Dead on Arrival.
          Nick Hardaway - Last seen in an upstairs hallway in the Rimbauer Mansion. Cathy Kramer, the only witness, say he just disappeared after being chased by an unseen terror. Only trace of Mr. Hardaway found was his flashlight which was lying where he last stood. Without this mans body this case will remain open. No Body Found.
          Mrs. Kay Waterman - Sources report this woman was pulled into the wine cellar by a former tenant named Sukeena then killed. This account seems impossible considering Sukeena dies over 40 years ago. Cause of death is still under investigation. Without this woman's body this case will remain open. No Body Found.
          Dr. Joyce Reardon - According to survivors, Ms. Reardon was attacked and killed by all the remaining souls in Rose Red. Others report that her mission to find the truth behind Rose Red and her recent troubles at work drove her to insanity. Without this woman's body this case will also remain open. No Body Found.



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