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          Suicide - Witnesses say this young man was ambushed by surprise in the basement of the Uneeda Medical Supply Company. The attacker was found upstairs with it's head missing. Upper section of the victims skull ismissing. Also, there are teeth marks visible suggesting a massive bite wound. Dead on Arrival.
          Trash - Attacked by a mob after they were infected by a mysterious chemical called 245 Trioxin. History of this chemical suggests it was used in military experiments in the late 60's. Bite marks and lacerations are mainly on the neck and upper chest. This case is still under investigation by local authorities. Dead on Arrival.
          Paramedic #1 - (Jerry) - Found with head bitten in half and brain missing. Sources indicate that after he was killed by suffocation, a 245 Trioxin victim had an uncontrollable urge to eat his brain matter. Other injuries include a broken neck, cracked pelvis, virtical abraisions, and extreme follicle damage. Dead on Arrival.
          Paramedic #2 - The death of this middle age paramedic seems to have been caused by blunt-force trauma to the skull. Although the primary weapon has not been identified, indications show fingernail marking to the inside of the cranium. According to headquarters, the victim was reporting to a poisoning call. Dead on Arrival.
          Paramedic #3 - Left eye-socket crushed in the attackers attempt to access the brain. Cerebral Cortex completely missing with addition breaks to the 6th and 7th vertebrae. Evidence shows this man was alive and conscious while his brain was being eaten. "Send more paramedics" was the last transmision. Dead on Arrival.
         Paramedic #4 - Cracked ribs on left side of torso with markings indicating extreme pressure to the lower torso. Further autopsy shows extreme internal damages and ruptured bowels. This shows the victim defecated in fear during the attack causing the bowel to rupture under the intense pressure from the upper torso pressure. Dead on Arrival.
          Scuz - Similar teeth markings are found to the skull. Although the victims brain still remain in his skull... it seems these were the initial target. After observing the brain closer I noticed neural damage to the inner dopamine triggers, although this was not the primary cause of death it indicates heavy drug use in the past. Dead on Arrival.
          165 Police Officers - Due to the amount of morgue traffic this caused, the corpses were sent all over the state to speed up required processes. FBI reports indicate mutilations mainly to the neck, face, and cranial regions. Investigation is on-going and looks as though it will be open for months to come. Dead on Arrivals.
          Freddy Hanscom - Extreme chemical burns to the eyes and upper skull. Chemical tests show sulfuric acid was the cause. Massive bruises appeared to be the cause of dark marks the upper arms and back, but were later found to be evidence of "blood-pooling." Blood-pooling occures after death. Dead on Arrival.
          Frank Johnson - Crispy corpse found in the crematorium oven. Blood tests show before he died he had also been poisoned with the 245 Trioxin chemical. Fingerprints on the the operational buttons of the oven indicate this was a suicide. Wedding ring found missing but was later recovered after being found on a peg near the oven door. Dead on Arrival.
          3,877 Civilians - All vaporized by an nuclear bombshell that ripped into their town after an old canister of 245 Trioxin was discovered to have been opened. Government later covered this incident up by claiming "Tragic Misfire" by the device that delivered the weapon. Dead on Arrivals/Died Soon Afters..



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