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          Spencer Johnson - Cause of death unknown... found floating in his attackers custom made septic system. Left hand found severed and half-eaten by the family dog, Prince. A look into his past shows a long history of crime including robbery, breaking and entering, assault, auto theft, drug possession and battery. Dead on Arrival.
          Leroy Dahme - Autopsy shows four shots to the chest with a high caliber automatic handgun. This man's corpse was also found floating in his attackers custom made septic system. Witnesses say he was gutted/mutilated to feed mysterious people living in the cellar of the funeral parlor. Dead on Arrival.
          Roach - Shot twice in the left chest with a 12-guage shotgun. Body was found torched beyond recognition in the furnace where he expired. Tongue found missing... sources say it was cut out after he was found calling for help. The lack of fat scorched in the blaze shows this man was extremely malnourished. Dead on Arrival.
          Prince - Stabbed mistakenly through the living room wall. Puncture wound indicates a bayonet was used as the weapon. Dog seems well fed and witnesses report this is because of the ruthless diet he was on... human. Blood samples have been sent to the local veterinarian for further study and information. Dead on Arrival.
          Mommy - Autopsy shows a stab wound to the left lower torso and bite marks to the lower right arm. Other injuries include lacerations to the genitalia and buttox... authorities say this might have been caused by her interest in bondage and sexual punishment. Found at the bottom of her cellar stairs with throat slit. Dead on Arrival.
          Daddy - Blown into the family septic tank with dynamite. Extensive internal damages were caused due to the power of the explosion. Ruptured spleen, left eardrum destroyed and blunt trauma injuries to the ribcage. Similar injuries to the genitalia were found as with his sisters autopsy including studded spank wounds to the buttocks. Dead on Arrival.



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