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         For years, Hull House has sat in eerie silence - tales of its haunted past have turned into gory jokes - and no one really believes anything ever happened. But a special anniversary date is approaching... and, unknown to the local high school students, a horrorfest is in the works.
       While most of the students at St. Rita's high school are excited about the "official" Halloween dance, Shirley Fennerry intends to party elsewhere. She and her rebellious cohorts are planning a wilder party at the abandoned "haunted" mansion.

"An ocean of holy water couldn't help you!"
              - Angela

          There is much to be desired when it comes to 1994's Night of the Demons 2. This sequel to the 1988 classic Night of the Demons proves that not all sequels are bad, but then again, not all of them are better. This is one of those sequels that is about the same when it comes to entertainment value and overall enjoyment as the original. Part of this reason is due to the storyline and it's many similarities to the original but it must be noted that Night of the Demons 2 also has aspects that are better than its predecessor.

          The Gory Good: This film was made as alot of horror was in the 80's and early 90's, not only scares but for laughs and chuckles. The humor is not played as slap-stick but more interwoven in the storyline. For example, near the end of Night 2, Sister Gloria (who is the head nun at the catholic school our characters attend) realize that demons are roaming their school and take action. They arm themselves with rosaries, water balloons filled with holy water and my favorite... wait for it... supersoakers. That's right my friends... supersoakers. And how better to take out Angela's minions than a supersoaker filled with holy water? I can't think of a better way. It this kind of humor we're talking about here... small additions that are so ridiculous they are absolutely awesome.
          I'll admit, the acting can be cheesy at times but the selection of actors picked for Night 2 did a much better job that the actors of Night 1. One actress whom I'm amazed they convinced to appear was Christine Taylor, who you might remember from Zoolander, Tropic Thunder and The Brady Bunch Movie. She plays a spoiled little bitch but pulls it off as she normally does in all her roles. The rest of the acting is pretty good with your usual flunks in there to spice things up but I'm still confident you'll agree the acting is better in this one.
          If you like tits and ass with your gore, you're in for a treat. There is quite alot of bouncing boobs and 70's style bush to feast your eyes upon between bloody execution style murders. Even if the actress isn't nude, they're still in bras and panties like many slasher films of the 80's such as Slumber Party Massacre and other assorted tit-fests.
          The amount of gore will please you also. The deaths are often extremely bloody and usually end up with missing limbs. One notable scene is one of the recently deceased jocks playing basketball with his severed head and cracking bad jokes. The top of the actors body (where they place the fake shoulders and neck stump) looks ridiculous. Remember Dr. Carl Hill from Re-Animator? Yeah, like that. But you'll get a good chuckle.

          The Bloody Bad: There isn't too much I can say here. Besides the occasional cheesy acting the film is pretty solid in horror standards. One thing I did find annoying was that the filmmakers decided to use scenes of Angela charging down the hallway from Night 1 instead of filming it over again. I saw this as bad form. It's obvious it's not from the same film even if you've never seen the first one. Angela's demon form looks slightly different from the first and it shows in the splices between the films. Shame on you Brian Trenchard-Smith!

          Night of the Demons 2 belongs in ever horror fans collection. It's combination of tits, ass, sex, gore and overall hilarity will ensure you'll watch it again and again. So pull up your favorite sofa chair, crack open the beer and enjoy the mayhem.

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          - Some of the scenes involving Angela floating on the hallways was taken from the first Night of the Demons.

          - Filmed on a budget of $1,300,000.

          - Rick sarcastically refers to Terri (Christine Taylor) as "Marcia." Taylor would play "Marcia" in The Brady Bunch Movie a year later.

          - Entirely filmed in Los Angeles, California.

          - Released on August 31st, 1994.



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