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          Suzanne Carpenter - Although the death of this young woman is not seen until the end of the film... it is safe to say that she is the first victim. Only clues given by witnesses are that she was somehow possessed by an unseen being and forced to commit horrific crimes. Crimes committed are up for speculation and investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Stooge Jaysen - Police reports conclude that an attack to the face cause this man's death. Teeth marks and abrasions to the lower mandible and left molar region indicate a violent assault, perhaps by biting. No other injuries are apparent besides some minor scabs and a cat-scan of the brain shows no disease or trauma. Dead on Arrival.
          Helen Hoskins - Found with her head smashed into the windshield of her friends vehicle. Autopsy shows this was not the initial cause of death though. It seems sudden cardiac arrest stopped this woman's heart and then she was thrown into the windshield. Front of skull crushed, broken left arm and multiple lacerations to the face. Dead on Arrival.
          Jay Jansen - Witnesses found this man in the arms of his killer with is eyes violently jammed into his skull. After removing the eyes from the skull I have determined that blood loss and shock were the initial cause of death. Report shows this man was participating in intercourse with his killer when the attack began. Dead on Arrival.
          Frannie Dujeski - Vaginal swabs show this woman was attacked while having sex, presumably in a coffin near her clothes. Witnesses say there was no possible way she could have prevented the attack. Neck snapped, which caused instant death, then left to rot in the coffin with her boyfriend. No other injuries apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Max Winberg - Witness quote: "While pinned down by his deceased girlfriend in a coffin... the attack which began on his girlfriend continues to him. Trying to push the assailant away... his arm is severed when the coffin door is slammed onto it multiple times." Death soon followed due to blood loss and shock. Dead on Arrival.
          Sal Romero - Autopsy shows a 2 x 4 was thrust through this young mans chest with great force. From the angle of the wound... a fall from great height is suspected and is being looked into. Only other visible injuries is some blunt trauma to the face and some minor abrasions to the chest and hands. Dead on Arrival.
          Sherman Olerade - One of the more extreme deaths of the film... this man was sitting down for a relaxing slice of apple pie when he learns the pie was made from apples laced with razor-blades. Mouth, throat and stomach sliced beyond recognition. This death marks the eighth and final death in the film.... and also one of the most disturbing. Dead on Arrival.




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